7 Best apps to watch Korean shows on Android & iOS

Every year the number of fans of Korean shows is not getting smaller. But Korean movies and TV series are becoming more popular. Every day new premieres come out, which for a long time attracted millions of fans of Asian TV shows to the screen. Everyone will find for themselves the favorite genre.

After all, the genres of Korean shows are a great multitude. It includes romantic melodramas and youth comedies, colorful fantasy with a twisted plot, intricate detective stories and criminal intrigues.

There is a Korean saying: “Laughter brings good luck.” If you have something to laugh at, sadness and problems go away. Korean TV shows make viewers laugh all week, whether it be comedy programs or reality shows.

In recent years, Korean shows are gaining incredible popularity. Especially admired by young people. Around the world, people are watching their favorite Korean shows every day.

This list contains the best mobile apps that make it easy to find the most interesting Korean shows.

Viki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV

If you are a fan of Korean shows, then the application Viki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV is perfect for you. With this application, you will always have access to all your favorite shows.

Viki: Korean Drama, Movies & Asian TV is one of the largest online cinemas that broadcast Korean programs. Here you will get easy and convenient access to the collection of the best films and TV shows.

The application catalog contains all the major genres of Korean cinema. For example, you can watch your favorite drama or find a release of a music show. Content is updated every week.

A special application algorithm will help you to choose favorite movies and TV shows. Then you can add it to your collection. The search for the necessary content in the application is very convenient. You need only a few seconds to find the desired program.

The application is available on any device. Thus, you will be able to do the necessary things, not looking up from watching your favorite show. You can also add a video to the category “watch later”. So you can return to viewing in your free time.

You can also download movies and TV shows to your device to watch them later without access to the Internet.

In this application, you will find a large collection of Korean TV shows and television shows. All videos are in excellent quality and are added immediately after the broadcast. Some shows can be seen even before the official release.

If you want to find something special, you can use the advanced settings feature. Subscribe to your favorite TV shows and shows. A subscription will allow you to receive notifications of new series and releases. You can also adjust the required video quality, depending on your traffic.

It’s free to download for iOS and Android users.

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Korean TV

Korean TV is a special application that has thousands of high-quality Korean shows. There is no annoying advertising. Watch your favorite TV shows, TV shows and movies with a choice of subtitles and video quality.

Also in the application is available content downloads for viewing without the Internet.

The application has a handy system of recommendations. Watch movies, TV shows, and various shows and leave them a rating or review. This will help the program to create an interesting selection of videos for you.

With the application Korean TV you will never miss your favorite TV show or the release of series.

Registration in the application takes a couple of minutes. You need to specify the email address of your mail or enter the application using a social network. You can use your profile to view content from different devices.

Application has a category of “live” for those who want to keep abreast of the brightest events. Include exclusive live broadcasts of concerts and television shows.

In the application Korean TV  you will find exclusive videos and the latest news of Korean shows. The catalog is updated daily.

This application is dedicated only to Korean shows. Fans of this genre will certainly appreciate all the features of this program. There is nothing superfluous. The application takes into account all the needs and interests of Korean shows fans.

Download the application on any device and enjoy using it for free.

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Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection

Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection is a universal service for viewing Korean shows. The application presents a wide selection of popular series, movies, and various shows.

Each video has excellent video quality and high download speed. Most of the content in the application is presented in high quality. If you have low Internet speed or limited traffic, then you can choose a lower quality. This can be done in the application settings.

Here is a huge collection of Korean shows and TV shows with voice acting and subtitles. The application allows watching shows on any mobile devices without loss of quality.

The interface and navigation in this application are clear and convenient. It is very easy to navigate and almost impossible to get confused. Implemented easy navigation through genres, categories, and selections.

Here you will always find a new series of your favorite Korean show earlier than on other resources. Application developers always update new releases quickly and on time. If some video is not yet on this platform, it means that it is not found anywhere.

With this application, you can create a collection of favorite shows. For it, you should use the Bookmark feature. You can also subscribe to notifications about the release of a new series. There is also a “memorize series” function. This will help you not to lose the moment at which you stopped watching.

Also, in the Korean TV Show, Drama, K-POP Video Collection application you can read the biography of your favorite actor or listen to music.

The app also has a big advantage. There are no annoying ads.

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KORTV is a mobile application for those who love Korean shows. Thousands of movies, TV shows, and programs are collected here in high quality. Choose your favorite show and start watching.

In this application you can:

  • download video and watch it without an internet connection
  • start browsing on one device and continue on another
  • leave a rating and review for the show
  • add a video to the folder “see later”

The application stores the history of views. If you want to review your favorite show, this feature will help you.

Besides, the application is a convenient division of TV shows, films, and shows by genre.

You can disable ads while watching video content. Some of the premier series can be seen before they begin broadcasting on Korean TV channels.

The application is available anywhere in the world, even where there is no Internet. Create your profile in the application. It will store your views and offer new videos based on your preferences.

Here you will find Korean film premieres and original TV shows, the most awaited hits and more.

KORTV includes:

  • many free shows, TV shows, and movies
  • live broadcasts of important programs
  • lack of advertising
  • excellent image and sound quality
  • movies and TV shows without internet access
  • ability to record live broadcasts
  • all the latest Korean cinema premieres
  • one account for all devices

The development team is always working on improving this application. Here all subscriptions are grouped by category. The design of the application and video playback are made at the highest level.

It’s free to download for iOS users.

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KOREA TV – Korean Drama, KPOP, Korean Music Video

KOREA TV – Korean Drama, KPOP, Korean Music Video was created for fans of Korean shows. It is very convenient to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. You can choose the desired video quality.

There is also a convenient video rewind function by double-tapping the screen. You will find the most interesting Korean shows, new films, and exclusive series in this app.

Choose what you will watch using the following functions:

  • convenient search for movies, TV shows, and shows
  • trailers, spectator ratings, and reviews
  • information about the actors
  • lists of Korean shows for every taste

Also, there is a reminder of the release of a new series or a new release of your favorite show.

The application is absolutely free. No subscriptions or registrations. You just need to turn on your favorite TV series and enjoy watching.

If you want to watch a new Korean show, but can not choose, then the algorithm of the application will help you. Here are the latest news, thematic collections, premieres, and extra materials. Choose Korean shows and TV shows by topic or genre.

Application developers have created a unique technology. This allows you to watch videos in high quality even at low Internet speeds.

It is possible to customize the application to your taste. For this, you should add your favorite shows to the Favorites folder.

Also here you can exchange views with other users of the application or friends. This feature allows you to find the most talked about shows and see their rating.

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TV Asia

Watch Korean shows with the TV Asia app. The application is available anytime and anywhere. Here you will find a show or series to your taste. All videos are available in the original language, with subtitles, and in English.

The catalog contains thousands of the most popular Korean shows. Also here you can find movies and TV shows.

The application works without ads and extra subscriptions. This means that you can watch your favorite shows without restrictions and breaks.

Advantages of the application TV Asia:

  • simple and convenient interface
  • high-quality video
  • the opportunity to watch Korean shows anytime and anywhere
  • advanced Search
  • ability to save the video you like
  • daily content update
  • full-screen video viewing
  • free access

Also, the application has a large section of the latest news about Korean shows. Here you can find out the release date of the new series.

Besides, you have the opportunity to read interesting information about your favorite actor. You can also leave comments under the news and discuss them with other users or with your friends.

You can adjust the quality of the video depending on your Internet traffic. The application requires minimal cost, so the image quality is almost always at a high level.

New series and releases of all shows are added every day. You can turn on notifications to not miss the latest news and videos.

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Are you looking for an app to watch Korean shows? Then the SBS is perfect for you. This is a universal service that has new Korean movies and TV shows.

It also offers a wide selection of popular music programs, a variety of TV shows and videos about life in Korea.

You can watch the video in original or with subtitles. Subtitles are available in more than 200 languages.

Here you can chat with like-minded people. If you want, you can leave a review and rating of the watched show. The application has registered a huge number of users.

During registration, you need to specify a phone number or email address. Next, you fill in the profile form and state the programs and genres you are interested in. Based on your preferences, the program will select the best new videos for you.

Also, the application will help you to choose the appropriate program. It is based on your preferences. You can check the reviews and recommendations of other users who have already watched the chosen show.

There is also a selection of films and TV shows. You only need to select the most interesting topic. Then, the application will offer you several options.

If you want to get rid of advertising, you will need to subscribe. This feature will also give you early access to new releases of your favorite shows.

You can save watched shows in a special tab. There is also a “watch later” function. You can add a video there and return to watching it at your convenience. At the same time, the application does not store user personal information.

The application is free for both Android and iOS platforms though it has in-app purchases.

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