15 Best hookup apps for Android & iOS

It is easy and pleasant to meet on the Internet. But sometimes problematic. Not always dating sites meet our expectations. Sometimes we register and look at potential partners in the application. Then we click “exit” and leave it forever.

There is a separate category of applications where you can meet. Create a questionnaire, chat and even call up. Their convenience is specifying information about yourself only once. It will be possible to meet new people all the time.

Most dating apps have a purpose in the form of serious apps. But, we do not always want to drastically change our destiny. Sometimes we just need to find a partner with whom you can spend a pleasant night.

You do not have to wait until the potential sexual partner sees your profile. You can and even need to take an active part in the search. Private adult dating is quite simple.

This list contains the best applications for this purpose.

The League

Using the application The League you can find the right partner for any purpose.

This is the largest online dating network in the world. Here each new user immediately indicates the purpose of his registration. it can be simple communication or a desire to go on a date.

You can always see which of the users of the service is now nearby. Also, with whom you previously could accidentally cross in the city.

This program has a rather interface, video chat function on request, as well as a unique twin search mode. This allows you to find people like you, or, conversely, like those who you like. For example, on your favorite celebrity.

After registration, you need to add your photo and mark your interests. Thus, in the application The League, there will be tags by which you can search for people close in spirit.

You can mark the nearest events in the poster and synchronize them with the calendar on the phone.

The application The League has a section with all the available places in which you can make an appointment. They are displayed both as a map and as a list. You can open the desired park, see its poster and find out which users are there right now.

In the “Dating” section you can find a company for a joint campaign to the event. In the process of choosing a partner, you can brush candidates left and right. The chat opens only after mutual sympathy.

The application The League is not designed for long conversations. Here it is convenient to make a calendar and make an appointment right there.

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ONE Night – Hook Up Dating App

Have you ever used services to find sexual partners? The ONE Night – Hook Up Dating App solves such problems of finding sexual partners:

  • you do not need to write to a person several times
  • you do not need to wait for an answer that will never be
  • you do not need to view hundreds of profiles
  • you find only those who explicitly said what and when he wants

The basis of the service ONE Night – Hook Up Dating App is applications. You indicate your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for to meet.

Then upload your best photos and you can add a field about yourself.

As soon as the pair is found according to your requests, you will see its picture. Once you have found the partner you like, you can show your sympathy. You can also request a photo again. The application has a thoughtful interface that does its job perfectly.

As soon as one of you decides to express your sympathy, and the second one agrees, you have a chat. In it, you decide how to proceed, and you can discuss the details in a special chat.

Besides, you can share the exact location. This will help you decide on whose territory the meeting will occur. When it’s over, the app will ask you “How are you?”.

If everything was good, then the person will grow in the rating and will be in great demand in this application. If he did not come, then you can put the appropriate mark.

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Adult Singles & Casual Dating App – Wild

With the help of the application Adult Singles & Casual Dating App – Wild, you can find a suitable pair for yourself. To use all the features of the application you need to register.

You can do this by using e-mail or an account on any social network. Sign up and enjoy pleasant communication!

If you are registered in any social network, you can log in to the site under the account of this network. In this application, you can chat and get acquainted with free. This is done for the convenience of users.

The main part of the audience is looking for a serious relationship, marriage or a family. Although here you can also find just a partner for sex, lover or mistress.

The site has a convenient search for the necessary profiles. You can choose a specific city, age, sex, goals, dating, etc.

Here you can:

  • find new friends to create a family
  • just chat with interesting people
  • find new friends
  • find a marriage partner
  • find a partner for intimate communication

The application Adult Singles & Casual Dating App – Wild has registered all sorts of people. The goals of dating are different.

In your profile, you can specify what age you are interested in. People of a different age will not be able to write to you. You can prevent users from writing without photos.

You can turn on the “stealth”, then you will not be visible online. There are many settings with which you will understand the process of communication. Mostly here get acquainted for a serious relationship and marriage. Boys and girls want to start a family.

Find an interesting partner who will share your interests. Spend time in good company.

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The application Badoo calls itself a true conductor of love. It attracts users who are looking for a soul mate. A convenient search system has the possibility to select the necessary parameters.

In this case, the user himself always sees in a separate list those who viewed his page.

You can specify the purpose of your registration, that is, who and what you are looking for. Taking into account these settings, the tape of the users closest to you will be formed. You can communicate anonymously with each of them, hiding your profile from others.

The application Badoo supports broadcast, which will be offered to a huge number of users. Not everyone likes this, but, there are plenty of constantly active users in the service.

It allows you to go to search and flip through hundreds and thousands of photos of users with swipes. Note only those you like, without unnecessary actions and settings. You can hide your age, add a profile with pictures from Instagram and tell you more about yourself.

Among the advantages of the application Badoo are:

  • informative questionnaires
  • the function of video broadcasting
  • the ability to hide your age.

You can register through any social network.

The service is for finding the opposite sex or to search for serious relationships. Users can access detailed profiles, geolocation search, photo comments. You will also get the opportunity to meet without your own profile photo.

You can select the country of the search if someone wants to communicate with those who are abroad. There are no paid subscriptions in the application. For real money, you can only increase the popularity of your profile.

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Tantan – Date For Real

The Tantan – Date For Real app helps you find a partner for various purposes. Want to find a serious relationship or a date for sex? Everything is possible here.

When you first start Tantan – Date For Real will give you five tickets for the publication of five requests. They are valid for seven days. The application is valid for one hour.

It means the following: your pair is searched for only an hour and only at a reasonable distance from you. There are no “dead” applications here.

In the application, there are also no people who simply “posted a questionnaire.” Moreover, you can not be found in this application when you do not want it. Your profile is stored on your phone and published only for one hour at the time of the search.

You can also go to the “People Nearby” tab. This is a complete search form. Here you will see many potential partners. You can go to each profile, view personal information, photos, click on a heart or a cross. And if a person really impressed you, you can start a correspondence with him.

Also always in the application Tantan – Date For Real available:

  • Messages sent to you.
  • People who like you, that is, those who clicked a heart near your photo.
  • Your “favorites” – those whom you have identified for yourself separately.
  • Who are you in “favorites”?
  • Visitors to your profile.

It is also possible to place your photo on the main page so that all users of the site can see it. A great way to attract attention!

Advantages of the application:

  • A huge number of registered people.
  • In the photo only real people, the other is prohibited by the rules of service.
  • It is possible to increase the popularity and promote yourself on the general list. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps that the application offers.
  • As the application is used, a rating is calculated. It also determines how many people will go to your profile.
  • You can confirm your profile by entering a phone number.
  • Very simple functionality.

Tantan – Date For Real really gives the opportunity to find interesting people and get to know them. This is a great app. Here you will not find fraudsters, inappropriate behavior, deception.

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Tinder is one of the largest social networks for dating. Here you will find a partner for any purpose.

When you first start the application, you will see a welcome screen with instructions. Here you will learn the main features of using this application.

Next, you need to fill out a short questionnaire in which you need to specify the name, gender, and purpose of dating. You can select items such as finding new friends, simple communication, sex and more.

Then you need to enter your phone number or email. So you can confirm your identity.

To start meeting with potential partners you need to add some of your photos. You can also specify your education, place of work and other details. You can clarify your attitude to alcohol, smoking and other important aspects of life.

If you want to find people nearby, then you can use a special feature. To do this, open the tab “People nearby.” In the application settings, you need to specify your location or turn on geolocation.

You can also specify who you want to find. It can be only girls, only boys or all. Specify your preferred age. There are established age restrictions (from 18 to 80 years).

Then you will see a map with the icons of people who are registered in the application and are located nearby. Some of these people will be marked with a blue tag. You crossed paths with these people during the day.

This feature will be useful to you if you saw a beautiful girl or a boy on the street but were too shy to meet you. If this person is registered in this application, then you can start communication.

Another tab, which collected interesting features, is “Dating”. Here you will see recommendations of profiles that may interest you. The application Tinder is based on your profile and the parameters you specified.

When viewing the tape recommendations, you can use special gestures. Swipe user profile to the right to show likes. To go to the next profile, you need to swipe to the left. Swipe up and down will help you view photos of the user if there are several.

After you have made your choice, you can go to the next page. Here you will see people who responded to your sympathy. The app Tinder shows any feedback, whether mutual sympathy or rejection. If there is reciprocity, you can start communicating with the selected user.

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Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet

Application Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet is an excellent tool in finding a partner. First, here you will find a huge selection of people with whom you can meet and even extend the communication. Secondly, this application has a simple and clear scheme of dating.

Almost 400 million people use the services of this service. Here there is definitely one with whom you can meet and chat.

When you first start the application, Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet offers to register. And it can be done in several ways:

  • Log in with your account on social networks.
  • Using the registration form, which is located on the main page.

Registration via social networks is safe. The application does not use your personal information contained in your account. Then you need to specify your gender.

Now you need to select the purpose of using the application. The following response options are available:

  • Communicate
  • Find new friends
  • Go on a date

Now that your wishes have been taken into account, the last step remains. You need to fill in the empty fields, specifying:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • The email that is not visible to other users

Then the application Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet offers to check which of the friends is already registered. This can be done by clicking the corresponding social networks button.

Then you can upload your photo from your phone or from any social network. After entering the initial data, the app suggests evaluating the profiles.

To view the profiles you need to specify extra data:

  • Interests
  • Family status
  • Orientation
  • Children
  • Accommodation
  • Drinking and smoking
  • Information about external data (height, weight, body, eye and hair color)
  • Languages ​​you can speak

Next, you need to upload 3 of your photos. According to the rules of service, you can add only your own photo without friends and children.

Now you can view other users’ profiles. Right next to the photo of a random person there are two icons. On one is the heart, on the second is a cross. If you like it, you should press the heart. If so, the cross.

This is a free application in which a huge number of interesting people are registered.

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OkCupid – The #1 Online Dating App for Great Dates

Dating on the Internet today is the most common way to find a soul mate, a companion or even a sexual partner. That is why the number of online dating services is inexorably growing.

One of the most popular applications in this area is the OkCupid – The #1 Online Dating App for Great Dates. The age limits of users are quite wide. It is visited by men and women from 18 to 54 years old.

This is the largest indicator in the graph of age, so maybe there are also older users. The number of questionnaires on the service was more than 21 million. It is reaching record levels.

The structure of this dating application is not much different from others. Standard guests, messages, search. The difference is the presence of the section “People nearby”, where users from your city are shown.

An unusual feature of the service is the presence of a test of 48 questions about the user’s life and hobbies. The answers to this can be compared with the answers of other visitors. So you can better know the potential partner before communication.

To start searching for a suitable partner you need to register. This can be done via email or account on any social network. To start a conversation, you definitely need to add a photo to the site and fill out your profile. Dating without registering on the service is not available.

Advantages of the application OkCupid – The #1 Online Dating App for Great Dates:

  • Free registration
  • View user profiles
  • View photos
  • Using Search
  • Sending messages and emoticons
  • User lock
  • Viewing guests
  • Compatibility test
  • More than 21 million profiles of men and women from around the world.
  • Simple interface, understandable to everyone.
  • Having a search where you can find a partner within your country and even a city

You should be prepared for the fact that not only real people will write to you, but also bots. Do not worry. They are easy to calculate. They write to you after registration, offering to get to know each other closer. Bots tell everything about their lives, exposing themselves as successful people.

Users will like your photos. Often with these pages come hidden messages. If you have already built a serious relationship, then your profile can be deleted. To do this, go to the settings and select “Delete profile” or contact the administrators.

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The application Feeld suggests discarding all social prejudices and unnecessary procedures. Here you can find among your friends those who agree to have sex with you.

You register in the program through your account on any social network. After, mark among your friends those with whom you would like to have sex. But while they do not know right away – this is excluded.

They will learn about your hidden desire after they have expressed their wish to sleep with you. They must also do this through this service. After the friends have chosen each other, they receive a corresponding message.

If your desire is one-sided, then nobody will know about it. You will not offend anyone or impose your desires. You express your desire by choosing a photo of the person with whom you have sexual sympathies. Then you need to wait until they become mutual, or your friend will never know about it.

Do you want to find a partner for another purpose? Then you can draw a line between people with whom you want to meet and those with whom you want to sleep. Swipe up means “date”, swipe down “sleep”, and swipe left “skip”. People get notified about your answer only if they themselves are interested.

Besides, the application Feeld has expanded the possibilities of matches. The app also shows friends of your friends. This move not only expands the audience but also softens the awkwardness of the choice of the item “sleep.” You can search among friends and among their friends by name.

This is a free application that will help you find the right partner.

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Sometimes, you can realize that your friends are those, with whom you plan to have a relationship. The DOWN app is your best friend in the process.

This application works very simply. The application requests access to your account on any social network. Then it scans the representatives of the sex you are interested in, who are friends with you. Then, it invites you to tag those you like.

The application DOWN will report your sympathy when it receives a similar request from the desired partner. This means that you can mark all your friends, but none of them will know about your sympathy.

You need to register in the application using your account. Then, mark your friends with whom you would like to have sex. Your friends also mark people who are sexually attracted. If the wishes are the same, both users of the service receive a notification of this.

With this application, you can declare your sexual preferences. Note the photos of those users with whom you want to “get to know better”. If your wish coincided with the object of desire, the application will notify both. If there is no coincidence, everything remains secret.

With the application DOWN, you can realize all your secret desires.

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Hitch Dating – Singles Check In

Application Hitch Dating – Singles Check In is a great way to find a partner for any purpose. This is one of the most popular dating services in the world. That is why a huge number of interesting users are registered here.

First, you need to register through any social network in which you have an account. The application Hitch Dating – Singles Check In automatically adds a name, photos, and interests from a profile.

Set the search parameters – gender, age, largest distance to possible candidates. And we proceed to the casting of candidates: I liked the person in the photo – swipe to the right, did not like it – to the left.

If the sympathies match, the application will immediately inform about it. Thus, you can start a correspondence with this user.

You can connect your Instagram account. It is convenient, to some extent allows you to understand what a person is interested in. But, the option is not used by all users.

If a person is not interested in your profile, then write to him will not work. To some extent, it keeps confidentiality. Communication only happens with people who like each other. But, it can be perceived as a certain limitation in communication.

In the application Hitch Dating – Singles Check In, there is a daily limit of “likes”. If you accidentally swipe left, sending a user profile in the “trash can”, then you can undo this action for free.

Here you can also share photos with the other person. Diversify the communication with the built-in animation.

Of all such applications, the audience Hitch Dating – Singles Check In is the most adequate and interesting. Here you can engage in close communication, find like-minded people, or new friends.

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Hot or Not

An interesting application Hot or Not helps you find the right partner in the format of the game. You can use it for any purpose. It can be a simple conversation or something more.

In the application Hot or Not, you can look at photos uploaded by other people. You need to answer for yourself, whether you find them attractive or not.

Moreover, in the settings, you can specify whose photos you want to check – only men, only women or everyone. The same applies to age.

Specify the age range in the application settings. For example, from 21 to 25 years old, and the application will show you the relevant profiles of people.

And the first show people who are closest to you. Also, the application Hot or Not will show you the cutest users nearby, be it a university, a park or a shopping center. There will be a lot of photos.

The application is used by thousands of people around you and millions around the world. Choose the best photos. Each user can have several photos uploaded. So you can always decide whether you like it or not, even if the first frame seemed unsuccessful.

Starting this game, remember that your photos will also be evaluated, so try to pick some of the most worthy ones. Photos that highlight your personality are more likely to appeal to people.

Game or not? The results of this game will be the emergence of new connections. If you “liked” someone who “liked” you, then the application Hot or Not will open for you an internal chat.

Communicate with each other in pleasure, joke, flirt. Who knows what the new acquaintance will lead to!

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Mingle2 – Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms

In modern life, many people can’t find a partner in restaurants and other places. This is intended to help to date online, which is not only convenient but also saves a lot of personal time.

The application for dating Mingle2 – Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms will help you in finding the right man or girl.

This service has more than 2 million profiles. Its peculiarity is that it is paid for men (they will have to be paid for certain functions), but not for girls. This is done with the aim to select the guys who are really interested in communication.

Moderators carefully check users. Only a real person can pass moderation. Blank pages are deleted by site administrators. The site has a very user-friendly interface.

The smallest number of “clever” features allows you to navigate the sections. It simplifies communication on the site, even for beginners.

The application Mingle2 – Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms has 4 main sections:

  • It offers a choice of profiles, which are selected using special filters.
  • My correspondence. It contains private messages, which for convenience are also divided into categories.
  • Here you can see who has added you to your favorites and make your list of the best profiles.
  • Who watched. Here you can see the guests on your page.

The first step that you have to perform after registration is the sign of the purpose of your stay on the site:

  • Looking for a sponsor
  • Spend the evening
  • Travel together
  • Permanent relationship

In the second step, you will find a question about how much money is enough for a relationship. Then follow three more steps. Enter the information about your appearance, bad habits, and type of activity. Also here you need to add personal photos. After that, a letter arrives in the mail to activate the questionnaire.

Application Mingle2 – Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms features:

  • Free online registration for girls
  • Search for guys and girls
  • Ability to use the advanced search
  • Add profiles to favorites list
  • Sending messages to any user of the site
  • Ability to see visitors to your page
  • Sending virtual gifts

Unlike other applications, here girls take the first steps in acquaintance. Be sure to upload personal photos of good quality, which depict only you. In this case, you will successfully pass the moderation.

With the application Mingle2 – Free Online Dating & Singles Chat Rooms, you will find the right partner for your purposes.

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Casualx: Casual Hook Up Dating & Local NSA Hookup

Casualx: Casual Hook Up Dating & Local NSA Hookup is a popular application that allows you to find a couple by the search and geolocation. To start working with the program, you need to download the application and create an account.

The application works on the principle of mutual sympathy. Scroll through the profiles and click the “I like” mark if the applicant has aroused your interest. In case the person whom you have chosen also feels sympathy, you are reduced.

The program creates a pair, and you can start chatting directly in the application. After getting acquainted with the application, instant romantic dating is provided to you!

Application Casualx: Casual Hook Up Dating & Local NSA Hookup features:

  • Ability to view profiles and select users by their geolocation
  • The presence of a special function that selects a pair for you, based on your interests and beliefs
  • Distribution of profiles by interest group or location
  • Ability to capture the moment and share it with others. The application will delete the posted photos every two days.

Registration in this application is carried out only through Facebook. After installation, you must provide detailed information about yourself to interest other users. Also, you need to add your photos.

Check for real accounts here is not performed, but there are few fake pages. In the search box, you are looking for a couple of the specified parameters. The application Casualx: Casual Hook Up Dating & Local NSA Hookup allows you to view accounts and put liking profiles you like.

Here, besides like / dislike, there are other expressions of your sympathy. Also, besides Facebook, you have the opportunity to attach Instagram to the application. This will give the opportunity to conveniently share photos.

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The free application Tingle is designed for a serious or sexual relationship. The audience for this service is quite extensive.

Here you can find profiles of both boys and girls, ranging from 18 years old, and the elderly. Now the service has more than 31 million registered users from different parts of the world.

An interesting feature of the site is a geo-search. Thanks to her, you can mark your location, after which you will see the questionnaire closest to you.

It also indicates the exact distance, but the location of other people is not disclosed. Sometimes you can come across a form that is literally a hundred meters away.

Application Tingle features:

  • Free online registration, which can be completed in a couple of minutes. In this case, there is a binding not only to e-mail, as on most of these services, but also to the mobile phone number.
  • Add entries to the “Diaries”. They are a page where you can leave any notes, including polls. All of them will be visible to other users.
  • Search and chat with others.
  • The use of various games and services in the “Applications”.
  • Commenting and viewing photos.
  • Search for fellow travelers in the same application.
  • Leave an announcement or ask a question that will be displayed in your profile.
  • A variety of questionnaires.
  • Ability to search friends by email,
  • The convenient location of services in the application.
  • Presence of geo-search.
  • The possibility of free correspondence with other users.
  • Two types of search: by ads and profiles.

A feature of the application Tingle is the presence of a blog about relationships. It is called the “Encyclopedia of dating.” Here are the collected interesting articles. They help to avoid common mistakes when searching for the second half. It also helps to meet other people or to make friends.

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