13 Best boxing training apps for Android & iOS

Just a couple of months ago, everybody started preparing the body for the summer. It seems that the girls are the only ones worried about their own appearance, but this is an illusion. Men want to look as attractive as they do!

Summer is a great time to build the desired body. Traditionally, boxing is considered a truly male sport – today we will consider applications that will help you if not to become a professional boxer, then at least to bring your ideal body closer.

Nike Training Club

What would be the top sports apps without sports brands? Nike’s biggest sports brand always supports ordinary people in their sports endeavors.

True professionals and athletes from all walks of life have participated in the development of one of the best training applications – Nike Training Club. Of course, there were boxers in their ranks.

Due to the fact that the application gives recommendations related to your previous training, at some point, you will notice that all your recommendations filled in boxing, strength training, MMA and kickboxing.


The app even takes into account your schedule during the week and allows you to train anywhere, anytime and on any of the available programs (and there are more than 185!). You can choose the muscle group you want to work on, as well as the intensity and level of training.


So, if you’re a newcomer, the app won’t give you Michael Tyson’s level of training (and that’s not even because you can lose your ear during it). In general, due to the fact that the application comprehensively monitors your activity – from every day to training, it is suitable and recommended for all those people who want to monitor themselves without much effort.

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Mayweather Boxing


The application, the effect of which you will feel immediately on yourself! That’s because it was developed by top experts in fitness and boxing.

The game form of the application will add to the interest: earning points, you not only get new levels but also gradually approach yourself to the sports body. It’s so simple: train, do simple exercises, get healthier while keeping track of your progress in the application itself.


One of the nice aspects is that with Mayweather Boxing you can find like-minded people and mentors, share experiences with them and achieve new goals together.

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Bower Boxing


Bower Boxing has powerful tools for being your personal coach and sparring partner. The application was developed specifically to help you learn new combinations and movements.

Bower Boxing is a unique application supported by both the iOS platform and the Android. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the application absolutely randomly offers you more than 100 thousand combinations and techniques of boxing.


The application also provides a training mode, in which there are exercises not only from boxing but also from the category of fitness. Now individual training is available to everyone when installing Bower Boxing!

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Boxx is an online workout streaming app, which provides you with a good set of online coaches and types for training. It has an excellent training sheet to keep you in the training mood and help you continue to achieve the desired results.

Despite its name, the application can offer you not only strength training but also fitness training. With the help of Boxx, you can do both intervals, short and long-session exercises. You won’t have enough time to do the same thing – the training is constantly changing, you can try new and new programs.


Of course, professional training can’t be free, but when you buy one subscription to all the devices, you get high-quality video workshops on boxing and fitness, which can be accessed even offline – you just need to download the training to your device in advance. Now, the lack of the Internet will not prevent you from becoming a pro!

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Precision Boxing


Precision Boxing has several versions, including Lite and Pro. If you want to buy or improve your boxing skills, it’s just a find for you. The application will become your coach and instructor in the boxing world.

You can practice using the original techniques, as well as you can create your own combinations, which can include both attacks and techniques of shadow boxing, and standard strokes. Not only does the application allow you to create combinations yourself, but it also allows you to find others like them.



In general, if you’re looking for success, you know what you need to install on your smartphone.

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Fight Trainer


The application is completely different from the others! It will not teach you techniques and will not be your coach. Instead, the app will motivate you to learn new, more interesting and sophisticated techniques.

Training and exercises can cause you to associate with boxing rounds. Random combinations of blows are pre-loaded into the application, but just like anywhere else, you can add something of your own. There’s no specific style or technique in Fight Trainer, but that’s just a plus, right?


The app doesn’t have a library of tutorial videos, it’s fully customizable to your level and makes combinations that fit you personally.

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Boxtastic: Boxing Training Workouts For Punch Bags


The application is specially designed for training with a punching bag! Now all you need to be in shape is to buy a punching bag and install Boxtastic.

The application will make you a combination of blows at the same high level as the coach in the professional hall in the ring.


Boxtastic has 5 modes:

1. Real Fight: This mode allows you to feel like one of the famous boxers. You can be in the shoes of one of the 16 legendary fights, fully replicate their blows, fighting technique and success.

2. Boxing 1: Generation of blows that train your attention and increase your cardio load.

3. Boxing 2: A standard set of tricks and blows practiced daily by beginners and professional boxers around the world.

4. Ultimate Boxer: During this mode, a random fight is generated especially for you. Reflect your opponent’s blows, and retire as a winner! In this mode, you can set the frequency of your opponent’s blows to match.


There is also 5 mode: Boxersize. It uses HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training technique. This allows you to enter the intensive training mode in minimum time, often called Tabata. If you want to diversify your sport, you can safely install Boxersize.

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MMA Workout System/FightTime Trainer


The application contains the Boxing Timer. It generates random blows and combinations for you, which you can use for training with a punching bag or shadow boxing technique.

The main difference from other similar applications – it contains a mode of fat burning! That is, your training can be specifically tailored so that you can lose weight, not just improve your skills. The MMA Workout System includes both pre-designed training sessions and personalized training sessions.


The app is able to monitor your heart rate and beat frequency/intensity, thus keeping you fully informed of your progress. You can also choose the beats you want to work on yourself – the smart app will find the right beats.

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Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense


Boxing isn’t just about strength training with a practice kick. Boxing can also become a fitness! With Kickboxing – Fitness and Self Defense, you can combine cardio training and strength training directly from the box.

Fitness kickboxing is the choice of people who want to be tough and slim. By burning calories, you’ll not only lose extra pounds, but you’ll also improve your coordination, endurance, and even flexibility.


The app supports 3 training modes – light, medium and complicated. Training takes up to 30 minutes a day, so even the busiest people can keep themselves in shape with a smartphone. You can track all your calories burned right in the app, daily and after each exercise.


If you don’t want to train on a treadmill or stepper, Kickboxing can help you. The app requires absolutely no equipment and gives you complete freedom. Cardio without much effort and equipment – what can be better? Only that it can be combined with the box!

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Boxing Timer Pro Round Timer


If you already have a training program in place, or if you just know what you need, then Boxing Timer Pro Round Timer is the perfect fit for you.

The entire application is designed in a minimalist style.

You set the duration of your rounds, rest and so on. It’s also possible to display an image on another screen and play music in the background.


You can also use it as a timer for Tabata as a warm-up or full training. The application is convenient in its simplicity and has no features that you would not use.

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Boxing Training


The application that can make you, from scratch, at least a sporty person if not Tyson. Starting from the basics, you can learn the fundamental basics, the most fundamental and basic techniques and exercises of boxing.

The application was developed by a professional boxing coach Michael Onello, who knows exactly how to practice boxing.


There are also many types of warm-ups in the application. For complete knowledge, you get HD video lessons, as well as convenient audio versions of the training.

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Punch Lab: Punching bag Boxing and Combo Workouts


Punch Lab is an application that gives you complete control over your training progress. You get full statistics of your success just by clicking a few buttons on your smartphone.

The Punch Lab is used by professional athletes and UFC fighters. Isn’t that a quality indicator? Famous fighters have been involved in the development of the training for this application. Anthony Joshua and Conor McGregor were directly involved in the training programs.



It’s obvious that such great and famous athletes pay a lot of money. That’s why the application gives a trial version only for 5 days. After the expiry of the term, you will have to buy the application, but you should agree that quality training is worth it. And a personal trainer will cost you more than Conor McGregor’s training!

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Boxing Lessons


Boxing Lessons is one of the simplest applications for training and keeping fit. You can improve your technique with it.

The application contains shadow boxing exercises, tactical exercises, strategic combinations. With the help of ready-made lessons, you have the opportunity to learn new techniques in order to defeat the opponent without effort.


Based on the battles that have already occurred in professional athletes, Boxing Training provides information about possible improvements in your skills, teaches you to think about possible blows and tactics to win.

Become a pro without a professional mentor – Boxing Training is your guide and trainer in the world of boxing and kickboxing.

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