21 Best countdown apps for Android & iOS

Nowadays, life around us is just rushing and buzzing, we are always running on some business, always on the road and afraid to waste an extra minute in vain. Thoughts are always buzzing in our heads like bees, a thousand ideas and a lot of the nearest events.

And so lives most people today – residents of megacities are constantly in the cycle of affairs and daily routine. Working issues require immediate resolution, friends want to meet, family affairs too, in no case can be postponed – and you need to have some time to rest.

And how do you keep everything in your head? Naturally, we instantly forget everything that is not required of us “here and now”. Important dates, birthdays, trips – the dates of all the events are sometimes so rapidly approaching that we can not even believe it – “what, is it my birthday already?”.

So that you do not forget about important events in the life of your environment, do not miss the main holidays of your family and remember yourself, programmers have developed applications, timers.

They can always remind you at the right moment about the holiday and more. You can also track the approaching of important events with the help of such widgets. So, we would like to present you 21 best applications for timekeeping on your smartphone.


Countdown in Status Bar


In case you do not want the application to have a strong effect on your device’s charge, you need the application to be as low as possible in terms of power consumption. This is exactly what

Countdown in Status Bar is. The widget weighs very little, takes up almost no space in memory and works in the power saving mode. That is, the utility will consume less than 1-2 percent of the total charge of your battery during the whole period of your smartphone operation!

Remarkably, the application is literally invisible on your smartphone. To start the countdown, you only need to open it once – set the desired date and turn on the counter. This way, you will see the amount of time before the desired event in the status bar.


Countdown in Status Bar can support 2 counters in parallel. You can set up everything so that they are different colors and then you can easily distinguish between two different events.

The countdown is visible even when your smartphone is locked. That is, you do not need to unlock the phone to see the rest of the time – just look at the lock screen.


Countdown in Status Bar has an extended version. In the Pro version, you get additional colors for the countdown and remove all ads. Yes, the developers have built ads into the free version, which can only be removed for an additional fee.

In general, the minimalist application is very easy to use. Remember that less does not mean worse.


Big Day – Event Countdown


Big Day is an excellent application for the iOS platform, which is designed to count down the time to important events in your life. It has a modern design, pleasant animation and can easily create more and more goals, events and dates.

You can use Big Day as a widget – right on your desktop or on your smartphone’s lock screen. This way, you can always keep track of how much time you have left to do a particular job.

In addition to plans and tasks, you can count down the days to the most important events in your life. It can be an anniversary, wedding, birthday or moving date. You can put your own image on each of the events.


For example, you can put a joint photo on the anniversary and a photo of the person whose birthday it is a holiday on the anniversary. So you will also visually remember the events.

You can share your events and countdown in social networks. Especially often this is done by pregnant girls – to lay out the countdown before the birth of the child seems nice to them, and at the same time they notify all friends and family about their pregnancy.


Big Day can send you an extra reminder some time before the event. That is, he can remind you of your birthday the day before, of the meeting – a couple of hours and so on. This is convenient, because you may not be in a hurry to keep track of the time.

Take Big Day as a widget to your desktop and keep an eye on the dates! That way, you won’t miss a thing.


Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

Holidays, birthdays, trips, vacations – all these are joyful events that we are looking forward to. Now you will see that they are getting closer to you literally every moment. Countdown+ will help you to count down the time to the joyful moments.

Initially, you create your own profile. When you create a profile, you will be asked to fill in basic information about yourself, your country of residence.

After registration you will be immediately offered a list of public holidays in your country – such as New Year, Christmas, Easter and others. That is, you will learn about popular holidays immediately and you will not need to drive them as separate events!

Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite-screen

For personal events you will need to give a couple of minutes. Create a date with a title, and you can also attach your photos to it. You can bring Countdown+ as a widget to your smartphone desktop. So you will always know how many minutes and even seconds are left till the long-awaited event.

Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite-screen2

If you are still afraid to forget, then the notification function. In a certain time Countdown+ will remind you and then you will not miss anything important. Adjust the style and design of the widget as you like – the list, photos or interactive panel. Don’t miss anything worthwhile in your life with Countdown+.


Countdown Days


In case you do not want to count down the minutes and seconds before the event, the Countdown Days widget should interest you. It allows you to add and create a lot of custom events, such as matches, birthdays, weddings and gatherings – in general, any of your events. You can put it as a widget on your desktop or on your smartphone’s main screen.

Total Countdown Days has 5 modes: 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 4×1 and 5×1. The numbers mean the number of countdown windows – that is, you can set the window to 1×1 and keep track of only the days remaining before the event. More windows – more accuracy.

After the event is created, the countdown starts, which you can enable or disable at a convenient time for you.


The application itself looks like a calendar where some dates are marked. In Pro version, you can even back up these events! In addition to personal dates, Countdown Days keeps track of general holidays, so no important event will now be missed!


Countdown Days App&Widget


The application is made in the format of a calendar, which under each month describes the events expected by you in this period of time. You can easily keep track of major holidays, birthdays and other important dates.

For each event, Countdown Days App&Widget prompts you to enter a title, put a picture on the screen saver and enter a brief description. Maybe it is some business, a holiday, for which you should buy a gift or something else. Widget does not care – just enter the necessary data as a description of the event.

Picture will be seen opposite each event as an icon. On the desktop Countdown Days App & Widget is displayed as a list of dates that will occur in the near future. You can count down to them or just keep track of the date on the calendar.


The timer also supports recurring events – daily, weekly, annual and so on. The format in which you will be counting you choose – Countdown Days App & Widget to choose between 1×1, 1×2, 1×3 or 3×4.

One of the convenient features of the application is backup. Now, when you delete all the data or use a new device, all the dates will be saved in your account and you will not have to set them again! Watch your time so you don’t miss anything.


Countdown: Count Down Birthday


Application for iOS-based devices, which has a huge number of downloads. The developers claim that this is the best countdown application, but you can only figure it out by installing it.

Want to know how much time you have left before your birthday, engagement or vacation? Everything is very simple: create the right event in Countdown: Count Down Birthday and find out how much closer you are to the important date every day.

You can quickly browse through all the upcoming dates, change the background images or set whole albums as a background. Change style as you like and enjoy it visually.


You can easily delete past events by simply tapping on them. Even if an event is canceled or you no longer want to hear about it for any reason – just delete it in the settings and the app will not remind you of it again!

Countdown: Count Down Birthday sends all the notifications to your lock screen. The number on them means the number of days left until a certain date.

However, if you are annoyed by the notifications in general or would like to set them up in a certain way – for example, to display only one holiday on the notifications or to turn off the reminders in general – you can easily do so in the settings of the application itself.




Users with iOS-based smartphones have already heard exactly what this application is all about. It is one of the most popular applications in the AppStore. It is not without a reason: the application provides a wide range of functions.

You can count the time left before the event as you like – in hours, minutes and even in heartbeats! Especially suitable is the option of counting down for any romantic dates or weddings.

You can count the time not only before any event, but also after it: for example, “123 days after John was born” or some annual events. Manage your personal calendar as you like!


You can put your photos from the gallery on the background – Countdown‼ even provides a few filters for them.

In the Premium version, you can add your own phrases to your events and even set up a slideshow in the background. New filters, features and the number of simultaneous events on the desktop are also adjustable in the Pro version.


Count every second of your time and measure the proximity of events in your heartbeat, so it’s even more important!


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Retirement Coundown


In case you are tired of working and as long as you remember, you have worked all the time – then, most likely, you did it for a reason. All people work also to live in peace and quiet in old age and retire.

Contributions to the retirement account become a guarantee of well-being in the future. If it seems to you that you work already infinite amount of time, and the retirement and long-awaited rest do not become closer – it is necessary to install for this application!

Retirement Coundown will show you that time does not stand still and every moment separates you from your regular work. On the main page of the application you can choose the desired date – the date of the beginning of your retirement age. Install the app as a widget on your smartphone screen and you can watch the countdown in real time every time you unlock your phone!


The retirement is getting closer with every minute, and the timer is a direct confirmation of that. Also in Retirement Coundown you can choose the interface you need – theme, colors, fonts and much more. In addition to the counter, you should not forget what you want to retire for. Make plans for the essentials so you do not forget to do them right after the timer is reset!


Retirement Countdown


This is an application with a simplified design, but similar functionality. Perhaps you are just tired of working or experiencing a wild decline in strength and desire to do something. Does the work make you depressed?

It is worth taking a vacation! If a short break does not help you, and you are not going to quit in the near future, it is worth at least to comfort yourself with the idea that the deserved rest will soon come.

Well, if you are more than 3 years old before retirement, then at least to be comforted by the fact that the retirement in the future will come to you and you will be able to relax. Show yourself that time does not stand still, but moves forward and with each stroke of your heart pension becomes closer.


Retirement Countdown only allows you to change the countdown colors on the timer and set the background images. Of course, the functionality is limited, but you may be looking for minimalism. Put in the background where you want to go first thing in your life – and live the thought of a dream!


Countdown to Retirement


An application with a very funny design and this is what attracts users. Countdown to Retirement is positioned by the developers as an application with a humorous bias, that is, you set it already tired of working and counting the last days before retirement.

The main page shows “Big Bosses” – they are connected by chains and money. You are also connected until a timer is zeroed out – as soon as the timer shows zeros, you are free from working red tape! Zeroing means retirement and you get rid of the shackles of boring work.

First of all, Countdown to Retirement asks you when the long-awaited “Big Date” is coming. This day will be considered the day of your freedom.


As soon as your pension comes, you will be offered to share this important event in social networks. Tell us about your great joy on Twitter or Facebook!


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Wedding 365 -Wedding Countdown


Wedding is one of the most joyful events in the life of young and not very young people. This is a crucial step, which is usually decided on for a long time.

The bride and groom are looking forward to this day. Perhaps before the marriage there is also a ceremony, then the young couple have two important dates in the future.

Wedding 365 counts not only the days before your wedding. The smart app can show you how many days you are already together and love each other, how long to get married or how many days have passed since the wedding.


The design is very nice, and you can also put a timer in the form of a widget on your desktop. In addition, you can also install the romantic wallpaper from the catalog on your desktop – so you will be even more imbued with the expectation. Upload your photos and write your names – so the application can add even more personalization to your countdown.

You can change the color of names, countdown and appearance of the timer as a whole. The Wedding 365 app is ready to be fully tailored to you and your celebration.


Wedding Countdown Widget


Already serious about the wedding? Have you applied and sent out invitations to your guests? Warned all family members and friends, and even called the grandmother from Detroit? Then you definitely need to remember all that!

In the hustle and bustle of preparation for the holiday you will have a lot of things to do – from choosing the color of bridesmaids’ dresses, choosing the style of the wedding itself, ordering flowers and a thousand other important things that do not have to wait. As if not to forget about the most important date!

Wedding Countdown Widget will help you to know exactly how much time you have left before the most important event in your life. Now the question “When is the wedding?” can be answered as accurately as possible.


Wedding Countdown Widget offers you to count down the time before the wedding in different units – kisses, heartbeats and classic minutes and seconds. In addition to the photos, you can play romantic music in the countdown.

The free version provides a widget format 4×1. In the paid version, you get a dimension of 4×4, and in addition to that, you also delete ads and have the opportunity to put a background is not just pictures, and the whole slideshow.


Wedding is unforgettable. Watch out for its approach with Wedding Countdown Widget and then you will remember the date exactly for a long time!


MyWed ❤ Wedding Planner with Checklist and Budget


In case you need more functionality for your wedding, consider the wonderful MyWed application.

MyWed Helps you to plan your wedding budget, make a list of guests, specify important details – such as a list of things to do or a shopping list, as well as, of course, to count the remaining minutes before the holiday.

You can plan two events at the same time – for example, a wedding, including the ceremony and celebration with friends and a personal wedding – where only you, your love and priest will be there. The countdown will be up to two dates.


You can put the timer on your smartphone screen – the last days before the wedding will pass much faster if you watch the time on the nice and beautiful widget in your smartphone.

However, to get additional functionality in the application, you will need to buy a premium version. Make a complete guest list, connect the app to Facebook and share the rest of your time with friends before the party!


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Christmas Countdown!


Christmas is one of the most magical holidays of the year. Of course, the developers could not leave this beautiful holiday without attention.

We, as well as children, are waiting for a miracle every year with all our heart. Since November, shops and shopping malls have been decorating their garlands and Christmas symbols, supermarkets have been selling products for Christmas, and people are starting to count down.

Watch the time with the Christmas Countdown widget! It will keep track of the time instead of you, and will always tell you how much time you have left to prepare.

The app also contains cute Christmas symbols – a snowman, reindeer, Christmas spruce and, of course, Santa Claus himself! In the company of these cute creatures waiting for the holiday will become even more fun.


The application is presented as a timer on your smartphone screen. Of course, you do not have to count down the desktop, but it is more convenient and you can always see how much time is left. Christmas Countdown can be turned on right now by simply setting Christmas Countdown!


Sleeps To Christmas 2


Another application that will help you watch the approaching magical Christmas holiday. Feel this magic, which captures people around the world long before the date.

Sleeps To Christmas 2 includes Christmas tunes and traditional hymns, which together with the counter will give you even more festive mood. Christmas symbols are also present – for example, a snowman, Santa and a magic fairy. They are animated and look funny in the background of a widget. The snowman gets into ridiculous situations all the time, Santa laughs, and also there is

Gingerbread Man – he dazzles in front of you and cheers up his appearance. In the Premium version, there are additional characters, but as they do not affect the work of the widget. The functionality is fully available in the free version of Sleeps To Christmas 2.


If you shake your smartphone when it counts down, you can even hear the bells ringing. Keep an eye on the approach of the holiday and watch the ringing of the bell!


Christmas Countdown Timer Free


Christmas, the ringing of bells, Christmas deer and Jingle Bells – have you already felt the approaching holiday? Increase your expectations with Christmas Countdown Timer Free!

The widget can be easily brought to the desktop of your smartphone. The functionality of the application already includes traditional Christmas carols and melodies.

Christmas Countdown Timer Free updates the timer every second, so you can always be aware of how much time is left until the most important holiday of the year. Gather with friends, family or friends to celebrate all together just in time.


The countdown on your smartphone screen will show you the remaining hours, minutes and even seconds. Change the design of the widget to the one you like the most.

The developers of the application offer to celebrate Christmas together with Christmas Countdown Timer Free – as soon as the timer is reset, the birth of Christ will come and you will be able to celebrate with the people closest to you!


Christmas Countdown 3D scene

Christmas Countdown 3D scene-logo

In case you are a fan of GIF animations, short movies and just animated pictures – then you will like this application. It is made in the form of the main Christmas symbol – spruce. The whole tree consists of a lot of luminous dots, which flash and shimmer – just like a garland on the window of your home.

In addition to the main animation, there are interactive actions. For example, if you press the timer, you will see bright fireworks. A hologram of a tree is also available – just click on the Christmas star.

Christmas Countdown 3D scene-screen

The countdown is done in days, so you cannot calculate the time to the exact seconds. But this is a nice widget on your desktop, which can cheer you up, remind you of Christmas and its approaching. And small interactive effects are designed to entertain you a little and cause a smile – the magic of the neighborhood.


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Birthday Countdown


Forget about incredibly important dates all the time? Tired of hearing blame for forgetting someone else’s birthday? Or are you such a busy person that even your own holiday seems distant to you, and then suddenly comes?

Birthday Countdown will help you not to get confused in dates and numbers! To always remember your own holiday, just install the application and that’s it. Birthday Countdown will offer you to enter the necessary holidays.

In addition to your own birthday, you can also keep track of your friends, family or colleagues’ birthdays. In order not to get into an awkward situation, it is better to watch the dates. This simple widget on your desktop will remind you about the event and you can prepare a gift or make a call.


It would seem that we are all adults and not so much fixated on the holidays. But another person can be offended if you do not congratulate him on such an important day. Do not be ruthless and keep an eye on the birthdays of your friends and colleagues. After all, now with Birthday Countdown it is so easy to do!


Birthday Countdown by Kulana Media


It would seem that the application is simple in design, and so functional! Birthday Countdown allows you to keep track of your birthdays as well as those of your closest friends. Your family members will be incredibly happy to know that you do not forget about them! And a colleague will be pleasantly surprised by the box of chocolates from you on your birthday.

Birthday Countdown is a widget with the countdown of days, hours and minutes to a certain celebration. With its help you will be able to monitor – how many days to your personal holiday. So you will be able to plan a party, for example, and always know how much time you have left to prepare.

Plan your party with Birthday Countdown. In the application you can also make a list of desired gifts and share them in your social networks. This is incredibly convenient – this is how your friends will know what you really need.


The app keeps in touch with Facebook and Twitter. So you can even share the timer with your subscribers – just use this feature in Birthday Countdown.




Do you always hear complaints about forgotten birthdays? Or do you feel uncomfortable when everyone around you congratulates a colleague, and you completely forgot about it and didn’t even buy a postcard? Now you won’t face such a problem!

The Birthdays app is designed specifically for Android smartphone users.

Just enter your friends’ and colleagues’ birthdays into the app and it will automatically remind you of it. Birthdays syncs up with your contact list, so even if you missed a date when you filled out, it is no problem. Your Phonebook will enter a holiday with the person’s name into the app itself.


Due to synchronization, the application provides you with a full backup of your data. That is, even if you lose your smartphone, you will not lose the list of such important dates.

In addition to synchronizing with Contacts, you can also connect the app to Facebook. This way, Birthdays will have access to your friends’ list and all data will be filled in exactly the same way.


Now it is very easy to pay attention to your family and friends on such an important day. Install Birthdays on your smartphone and don’t forget anything.


hip: Birthday Reminder App


At the very least, this application can only be installed because of its symbol. The sweetest hippo on the icon will decorate any iOS device desktop!

hip: The Birthday Reminder App syncs easily and in a few clicks with your built-in calendar, contact list and Facebook account. From all of these resources, the Hippo gathers information about birthdays and other major holidays for people.

With the help of the widget you can celebrate all major dates – from anniversaries and birthdays to graduation. Simply put a notification and Hip will remind you of the celebration. When you open the application itself, you will see a countdown to each holiday: of course, the time is not in seconds, but in days, but it is very useful if you are watching the time and dates.


In addition to reminders, the hip: Birthday Reminder App offers you interactive greeting cards that you can easily send to the birthday person directly from the app. And also for the residents of the United States available feature to select gifts – if you are really busy, then you just need it!

You can share your list with mutual friends. So you will be all aware of the holidays and it gives you a guarantee that no one will forget about your celebration.


A paid subscription is available at HIP. Functionality in it is mostly related to the design and appearance of the widget, but if you think carefully about your desktop – then you will find this functionality useful. Install the hip: Birthday Reminder App and keep an eye on the upcoming holidays with style!


Nowadays, we are very busy at work and in our spare time. Sometimes it is so easy to forget about the most important things in the hustle and bustle of business. But our smartphone is always ready to help us! It is not important what platform your device works on.

It can be both Android and iOS – for any phone you will find the necessary application. If desired, any countdown can be brought to the desktop and constantly see a mention of the holiday. If you do not see this need – then just set up a notification system.

Now you will not hear any complaints about forgotten holidays. You can even look forward to certain events such as vacations, retirement or weddings. Just choose the right app from the list of apps and always keep an eye on the time – it goes so fast.

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