20 Best fishing apps for Android & iPhone

Nowadays technologies are helping practically in every sphere of human life. Take fishing, for example. Who on earth in 2017 would go angling without taking a smartphone with them? No one! There are so many amazing useful fishing apps today, that leaving your phone while going fishing is kind of barbarian.

With fishing apps, a one can find good spots, learn what tackle to use, what bait is better bitten and so many other things. You can share your catches with friends or other anglers, learn more about your catches and even dispatch them painlessly. So, don’t be a barbarian, check the list below to choose the best fishing apps!

The best fishing apps:

Fishing Spots & Reports

These apps serve those who seek hot fishing spots or want to share their catches with others or just save them for themselves. Some apps are very complicated and include more features. This is related to every category, so be sure to check everything!

FishBrain Social Fishing Forecast App

FishBrain is the largest social network app for anglers that offers lots of useful features connected both with networking and fishing. With this app, you can find like-minded people who share your interests and ready to support you. You can look through updates of fishers nearby or post your own one.

All in all, you can be a part of the biggest online community of anglers, which is something awesome, since you can get a really good advice from real people who know what they are doing.

As for the fishing part, this app is a real finding – it has all the most needed and useful features a fishing app can offer. You can find good fishing spots, learn what bait is better to use, what time of year/month/day is more suitable for fishing. Moreover, you can log your catches and then view the history of your fishing experiences. So, as we see, FishBrain is a very complex app that will meet the needs of any angler!

fishbrain app screen

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Fishing Points GPS & Forecast

Have you ever been in a situation when you found a good fishing spot but wasn’t able to memorize its location? If yes, this app is what you need! Fishing points will help you to save and then find a way to your favorite fishing spots. Powered by Google maps GPS, this app will make sure that you’re going in the right direction.

Apart from finding points, Fishing Points also has such features as weather forecast, solunar data, tide prediction and catches logging. As for the last one, it is possible to add to your logging a picture, weight, and length. All the other details the app logs automatically.

The app is suitable for all the anglers who angle on open seas, lakes, or rivers. Download the app now and never lose your lucky locations again!

fishing points app screen

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Fishidy is an app that will help you find the hottest shared fishing spots. On a special map, you will be able to see where and when people catch the biggest fish. You can share your achievements as well if you want to. Just post a photo with your catch and the app will automatically tag it with a certain time and location.

Besides all that, the app is also a very good adviser. It will give you tips on how to fish like a pro, fish-catching tools and all of that. So if you want to know lil secrets on where and how to fish to get the best catch, you should try this one! Premium version just opens up more locations.

fishedy app

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Apps for saltwater anglers

These apps are only for those who fish in seas.


Fishtrack is an app for those who fish in salt waters. The app will ensure that your offshore journey is safe and fruitful. Sea fishing can be a challenging one, since it hides lots of dangers under its surface, such as weather changes, for example.

With Fishtrack, avoiding these dangers becomes much easier. The app has got such features as marine weather forecasts, bathymetry, sea surface temperature, etc. Besides, the app helps to find hot fishing spots with its fishing chart imagery, which, by the way, can be saved and then viewed offline. If you are a saltwater angler, this one is for you!

fishtrack screen

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Pro Angler

Pro Angler is one more saltwater fishing app. It shows where to look for fish, what does that fish bite and what angling technics to catch them are used. There are about 350 species of saltwater fish described in details. You can use them both for detecting what fish you have caught and learning how to catch certain species of fish.

If you are worried that your catch is too big or something, the app offers you to read state and federal regulations in order not to get in an unpleasant situation. And there are also tools in case you want to escape bad weather.

Besides, the app helps you keep your boat undamaged when there are some obstacles like artificial reefs, for instance. There are a lot of other amazing features. Get the app now and explore them all!

pro angler app

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Solunar calendars

Solunar data helps to choose the luckiest days and hours to go fishing.

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time is an app that shows the luckiest days and hours to go hunting or fishing. The app is based on solunar data, by which it is possible to detect when fish and animals are feeding – that’s when they get the most vulnerable. Download this app today and increase your chances to get an easy prey!

solunar time app screen

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iSolunar is one more app based on solunar theory. The app can give forecasts on how efficient your fishing is gonna be. It doesn’t matter where you are, what date you have chosen to go fishing, the app gives all kind of information, so just check it before you decide on going.

The only problem with this one is that it’s not free. If that doesn’t bother you, then go ahead and get it! The app is available only for iPhone.

isolunar app

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Fishing Calendar

Fishing Calendar is an app that will help you plan your fishing by pointing out on which days and at what time fish bites more frequently. The app is also based on solunar data, which is a proven method of learning the time fish and animals are feeding.

In addition, Fishing Calendar is an extended fish log that allows entering the size of your catch, length, bait and so on. So just one more solunar theory based app!

fishing calendar app

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FirstMate is one more solunar calendar, but it’s not only that. The app includes everything you need in order to get prepared for a fishing trip. There are tide charts, temperature forecasts, barometric pressure readings and so on. Everything is described in details.

Another feature of the app is a fish log. The app often sends fishing news and tips. FirstMate is only available on App Store and is not free, but still worth checking out.

first mate app

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iAngler Tournament

Fishing is different for different people. Some people go fishing because it is quite relaxing – a perfect activity to get away from life for a while. Some earn money thanks to fishing. And the last category takes fishing as a sport. This app is exactly for this last category.

iAngler Tournament allows organizing fishing tournaments in such a way, that anglers could log their catches while they are still on water or just far away. With this app, you can look for tournaments you would like to take part in, register in them or organize something yourself. Every log in the app represents a valuable contribution to marine research.

Besides all that, you can check weather or tide information right in the app. So, if you are into a professional fishing, this one is for ya!

iangler app

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Fishing knots

Learn how to tie fisherman’s knots with these apps!

Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots is a guide that will help you learn how to tie fishing knots and choose the right ones for each type of fishing line. The app includes detailed step-by-step instructions with illustrations of how to tie a certain knot and detailed descriptions of each knot. So if you want to master your knot-tieing, download this app and start doing it!

fishing knots app

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Knot Guide

Knot Guide is just one more app that teaches how to tie knots. There are lots of categories, among which fisherman’s knots as well. The app is suitable for everyone who ever in life had to tie some complicated knot and needed to look how it is done.

knot guide app

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Navionics is a boating app that will give you all the necessary information of the area you are in. It provides users with nautical charts, detailed maps, navigation tools, sonar charts and so on. Besides, you can also observe weather and wind forecast and tides predictions. There is also a big community of cruisers, divers, sailors, and, of course, anglers. People can edit maps, add something no one has seen before.

The app is available in a bunch of regions – you just choose your own one and all the info about it is downloaded on your phone. The app is free for a limited amount of time. When the 14-day free trial ends, you have to pay for the further using. To sum up, Navionics is a powerful navigation tool to use in waters.

navionics app

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Fish Rules

Fish Rules is an app for anglers who constantly have doubts of what fish is legal to catch, how big caught fish can be and how much fish a one can catch at a time. These things can be confusing since some regulations change over time and fish can live through a certain season when it gives birth or goes from one place to another to give birth or something.

With Fish Rules, observing the law becomes much easier! The app describes all of the species you can catch and does it in such a way that, thanks to your GPS and calendar, only the info that you really need will come across your way. Not only that, the app also represents a fish log, so you can log your catches and share them with friends on social media. Download the app and become a law-abiding angler!

fish rules app

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Ikijime Tool

IkiJime Tool is a technique that allows killing fish quickly and without causing any pain. The app teaches you how to use this technique. Different species of fish have different areas of where you should use a slide tool to kill them. That is why the app contains information on lots of commonly caught species of fish and marks the right place by a white spot.

Finding the species you need to dispatch is extremely easy. You can use a search if you know the exact name of your fish, or you can just fill a bunch of parameters that eventually lead you to all the fish that inhabit your area and choose the right one. The app also has a fish log. So, don’t you leave fish dying slowly, get this app and dispatch it in a humane way!

ikiJime Tool

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Deeper is a special fishing app. There is a special device called Deeper Smart Sonar that can be used with this app. This device allows users to identify the current temperature of water, depth, bottom structure, and many other details. It helps in finding good fishing spots.

But even without those fancy features, the app has a value.  It can be used as a fish log or as a solunar calendar. There is also a weather forecast. All of that makes the app a real competitor to the other apps on this list. So whether you would like to buy the device that comes with this app or not, Deeper is worth downloading!

deeper sonar app

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Fishing Reports

Fishing Reports is an app with over a hundred thousands downloads. Some call it an Instagram for anglers. And really, the app somehow reminds Instagram – the only difference is that people share only photos with their catches.

New photos are uploaded every day and the good part is that they are tagged with a place where fish was caught. So if you want to easily find hot fishing spots and share your success with like-minded people, this is a great app to do that!

fishing reports app

MFP Fishing Log

MFP Fishing Log is a fishing app that helps you track your catches. While you logging a catch, you can enter so many details of it like what fishing line you used, what bait, what the weather was like, etc. Then it is possible to analyze all of your logs and view statistics on the app’s official site. The app is quite old but still good. Get Fishing Log today and after some time get the knowledge of your fishing patterns!

mfp log app

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Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is a fishing method that involves an artificial bait such as a fly.

Orvis Fly Fishing

Orvis Fly Fishing is an app for all the fly fishermen out there. Despite its old-fashioned design, the app has a lot of useful stuff in it. First of all, it can teach you how fly fishing works, some basic technics to use and common errors among anglers. You can watch videos, read a glossary – anything to get the info into your head.

Then the app also includes lots of fly fishing destinations in Central and South Americas and in the UK. You can listen to podcasts and educate yourself in this way about fly fishing. There are also different species of fish so that you knew what you caught. All in all, the app is a must for those who are interested in this kind of fishing and want to learn more about it.

orvis fishing app

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These are the apps for the venturous anglers, aimed to catch the biggest fish.

GoFree Hooked

GoFree Hooked is an app for those who like to compete. But first of all, it is, of course, a fish tracker. You can log your catches, add to them all the necessary details like location, photos and so on. This process eventually helps to figure out where or when fish better bites.

For those who like to add a little bit of a challenge to the hobby, there are live tournaments, competitions with friends and everything in this spirit. So keep yourself motivated and be aware of your fishing history with GoFeee Hooked!

gofree hooked app

We have covered 20 most helpful fishing apps. Now you can go angling safely! We wish you a good catch and, as always, be smart in choosing apps!