12 Free spy apps for Android

Spying on other people isn’t very nice, but what if you really want to? Well, then it’s alright! Luckily, today there are lots of cool apps that might be of a help for you. Secret recorders, trackers, apps for eavesdropping… The list is huge! Check out some of the best spy apps for Android in the list below!

Free Android spy apps:

Background Video Recorder

Background Video Recorder is an app that can record videos without anyone (except you) knowing it. The app works in the background mode, which means you can do with your phone whatever you want to while recording a secret video.

What is more, the app supports both basic and frontal cameras, so if you feel someone is using your phone while you are away, you can check your suspicion. You can schedule a recording with a wanted time for your video to last. You may as well leave the time setting unchanged – in this case, the app will do its job till you stop it (or till you are out of memory).

Speaking of memory, if you feel you don’t have enough of it, you can just change the resolution of your video, so that it would weigh a bit less. There is also a night mode and other cool features to use. A real spy should rely only on solid evidence. Download the app and start getting it!

background video recorder app

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Smart Voice Recorder

Recording secret videos is great and stuff, but what if you don’t want to look too fishy holding your phone in an unnatural way all the time? In this case, you can just use a voice recorder. No pictures, we get it, but still something, right?

You can use a default voice recorder, of course, but getting the one with additional features is also worth considering. Smart Voice Recorder cuts out periods of silence and leaves only the interesting stuff. You can use the app with the turned off screen and you can adjust the sensitivity of recorder. So, an excellent choice to substitute your stock app!

smart voice recorder app

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Secret Agent

Secret Agent is a spy’s toolkit that got lots of cool tools in it. Some of them are real, others are just for fun. Among the real ones are a flashlight, info of your device like battery, memory, CPU, GPU, etc., wifi scanner, compass, your satellite information, audio recorder and more. Among the ‘fake’ ones are different camera filters like thermal or infrared.

All in all, the app’s main appealing feature is that it makes you feel like you’ve got a real spying device. Although there are lots of working functions, the real goal of the app is to make you feel like James Bond ready for all kinds of adventures. So, if you wanna feel like that, you should get this app!

secret agent app

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I think you got it! Spying in our century is kind of obsolete. Many people voluntarily share their lives on social networks. Photos, likes, comments and a lot more…

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Spy Secret Video Camera

An alternative to the app above is this app. Spy Secret Video Camera is practically no different from Background Video Recorder. It also supports a scheduling feature. You can use your phone while a secret video is being recorded. You can even turn off your screen and the app will still be working.

The app can work both with a preview and without it. There are a number of features to disguise the app’s icon and record button. And this is not nearly all. Get the app and explore all of its spying potentials!

secret video camera app

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Fake Call

Fake call is an absolutely free fake caller app. Fake caller apps are made to imitate calls. Like, for example, you are at a meeting or just with some unpleasant person and bum! – someone’s calling you and you find a perfect excuse to no longer be where you don’t wanna be. Of course, you can ask someone to call you, but with the app, you can plan an ‘unexpected’ call immediately.

The app allows a user to make up a caller ID and number or choose them from the phone book. You can also add a pic, choose a voice and set a ringtone. In sum, everything to make it look like a real call. Then, after having done all of that, you can schedule your call at a needed time.

To see other fake caller apps, click here: 15 best prank apps for iPhone & Android. As for this one, it is definitely worth checking out! Every spy should know where to leave and how to do it right.

fake call app

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Private Place Secret Calls

Every good spy wants to be protected from other spies, especially from those sneaky people who like searching for info on other people’s phones. Private Place is an app that allows you to hide your personal calls and messages from intruders.

The app is not notable at all. On the surface, it represents a simple calculator (which, by the way, works, so you get 2 in 1). You can hide certain contacts, your activities connected with them, their incoming calls, etc. For example, you can hide your bank’s alerts, so that no one else sees them. Everything is protected by a password. So if there is some intrusive person in your life, you can use this app to hide your traces!

private place app

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Sneaky Cam

Sneaky Cam is an app that lets you take pictures of others without them noticing it. This is how it works. You upload the screenshot of something into the app or choose one of the images the app offers. When you open the app, you see this picture/screenshot.

Now, all you need to do is to tap it when you want to make a pic. If someone notices what you are up to, you can just show them your screen. An indeed sneaky and simple app!

sneaky cam app

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Mahaya Hidden Camera

Mahaya Hidden Camera is an app that combines secret video and secret photo features. Start the app to start recording and tap on it once again to stop the process. Your record can last as much time as you want to.

The app also supports both basic and front cameras. In case you do the front camera recording, you can hide notifications so that nobody guessed they were being recorded. This feature, however, is available only for premium users. If you’re not gonna be that, the app is still solid good!

mahaya camera app

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Free Call Recorder Spy

In British series called ‘Black Mirror’, they have an episode, when people install in them some device that widens your memory and allows you to record everything you see and then view it. This app is nothing like it. But there’s a part of it that is similar to the series.

Free Call Recorder Spy is an app for recording calls, both incoming and outcoming. You can talk to a person, then have an audio of the conversation, listen to it and analyze it.

The app can be used because of several reasons – if someone threatens you, you can use a recorded audio as an evidence; if your loved one called, you can enjoy the voice, the conversation, whatever over and over again; and, finally, if you didn’t get something during the talk, you can listen to it for more details or further understanding. Get the app now and never miss anything anymore!

free call recorder spy app

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Ear Agent

Ear Agent is a listening device. It’s suitable for curious people who like getting new experiences (like hearing new sounds in this case) and for those who suffer from loss of hearing. Many people use it as a hearing aid app, so if you know someone who is hard of hearing, you can advise them this app.

And, of course, the app can turn your phone into a spying device. Eavesdropping has never been so easy! You can pretend that you are listening to music and instead listen to someone’s conversation. It’s worth noting that it almost doesn’t matter how far this conversation is. If people you want to spy on are in another room, you can use Bluetooth headphones.

The main feature of the app, as we see, is amplifying sounds. The app does it using the mic of your phone, so be sure nothing is blocking it. Also be sure to put on your headphones, otherwise hearing terrible sounds is guaranteed.

When you start the app and your listening so to say begins, there is an equalizer you can use to make sounds you hear more ears-pleasing. Premium features include suppressing noises, canceling echo, recording MP3 and so on. But premium features are premium features (meaning you have to pay for them).

So if you want to know secrets your friends and family tell to each other, Ear Agent is what you need! (We are not responsible for consequences of you using this app or things you can hear).

ear agent app

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Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker is an app that helps you track where you’ve been throughout the day. Every 30 minutes (or any other time you choose) it will pinpoint places of your current location on the map. If you want to get reminders now and then, you can get them every day at a certain time. What is good about this app is it doesn’t drain your battery, because it doesn’t use GPS.

In the ‘overview’ of your day, you get places you’ve been shown on the map. It is very convenient in the case you want to know some address or in case you get lost all the time. The spying part is that you can install this app on someone else’s phone, hide it in some folder and then view where this person has been. So, just an excellent tracker app!

cell tracker app

That was it for the spy apps. Remember to respect other people’s privacy while using these. As always, be smart in choosing apps and… ’till later!