15 Best resource management games for Android & iOS

Games for Android and iOS can be a perfect distraction from your everyday stress. If you want to develop your management skills or find out what it’s like to have your own business, city or farm with its own economy, or if you just want to have fun, these free resource management games are perfect for you. What is more, these resource gathering games are wonderful timekillers and some of them train your mind.

So, let’s take a look at the best resource management games we found for you.


This game is quite simple and fun. You are offered to build your own city, farms and a zoo and manage them. You should explore resources, grow crop and process it at factories. You can say that it is a typical farm game, however, it has some special features that make this game charming.

You can communicate with other city-managers, exchange goods and make friends.

Advantages of this game:

  • Wonderful graphics;
  • A large variety of crops and resources;
  • Several locations where you can gather resources (a city, islands);
  • You can decorate your city with famous landmarks and flags of different countries.

Township screen

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SimCity BuildIt

SimCity iconThis game is created by Electronic Arts and reminds of very popular Sims video game for PC, however, it is not a life simulator, it is a stimulator of a city. Build your city and become its mayor, develop it according to your level. Many types of resources and manufactured goods are available. You can build new cites to attract more citizens to your city, what is more, you should always be sure they are provided with basic services.


  • Many types of resources, services, buildings: you will not get bored for a long time;
  • All the features are available for free: if you can wait, you will never have to pay real money. Waiting is not irritating;
  • You can sell and purchase goods and resources from other mayors;
  • You can join a Club and participate in Club Wars for good prizes.

The game needs the constant Internet connection to remember your progress.

SimCity screen

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Hay Day

Hay Day iconIt is a famous farming game you are probably already familiar with. Build your own farm and get and manage resources produced on it in order to make your small business prosper. You really depend on resources, and if you are a good manager, you can grow a town from your farm.

The game is a perfect time and stress killer – the interface is incredibly simple and pleasant.


  • Nice and simple interface;
  • A good choice of locations;
  • Very good feedback from the users;
  • The ability of multiplayer interactions.

Hay Day Screen

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Hay Day ScreenThis game is one of the oldest resource-management games for Android and iOS, it is still good, though. You are offered to build a village and manage resources produced by it to grow a medieval town.

If resource gathering is too simple for you, you can set some troubles to your citizens, including natural disasters, wars and so on. Check, how you can build the economy despite all the circumstances.


  • Many scenarios which you can follow;
  • A complex system of economy building: you really need to think about how to manage your resources;
  • Good interaction with your townsmen: they are like alive with their joy and compliances;
  • Good for playing both on a phone and on a tablet.

Many functions are available for free, but some scenarios are paid.

Townsmen screen


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Megapolis iconAnother resource-management and city-building game. The game has good graphics and many opportunities.

Collecting resources, you can improve your own city and build a megapolis for the citizens. Multiplayer functions are available.


  • Beautiful design;
  • Good economic modeling testing your resource management skills;
  • Cooperation and competition with other players.

The game is free to download, you can use in-purchases if you want but not necessary. The constant Internet connection is required.

Megapolis screen

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eden iconIt is a purely resource-management game where you can build a camp and upgrade it as your population is producing resources. The game is simple and fun but some extra-challenges included.


  • Great craft opportunities;
  • You have really serious control over the dwellers;
  • Very simple and easy to learn, good to relax;
  • You should manage limited resources in harsh weather conditions, which is quite challenging.

Eden screen

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Ice Age Village

ice age village iconThis game is simpler than many others, what is more, it is connected with Ice Ace everybody loves.

You should build and manage the village and help your dwellers survive in the cold weather of the Ice Age.


  • Characters you definitely know and love, also cool for children;
  • Cute animals including dinosaurs;
  • Many events happening in your village;
  • Multiplayer functions are included.

All in all, in my opinion, it is the best resource management game for kids.

ice age village screen

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Empire: Four Kingdoms

Empire iconThis game is also not only a resource management game but also a battle simulator. You should create your own castle and find out how to prepare for the fights with your enemies using your own production. The game has the amazing medieval atmosphere, so you can feel like you are the king that must build an empire.


  • A developed set of functions: you can change activities;
  • Multiplayer: decide yourself who you want to fight and who you want to trade and cooperate with;
  • A large set of awards available.

The game is good for those who like fighting strategies and resource gathering games at the same time.

Empise four kingdoms screen

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Tap Paradise Cove: Explore Pirate Bays and Treasure Islands

It is the game where you can build your camp on the island. You can collect and use not only resources but also many artifacts, animals, and even mermaids.


  • Great opportunities for the World exploration;
  • Many items you can get in different ways;
  • Challenging events, such and pirate attacks.

The game is good for those who dream of adventurous island life.

Tap paradise cove

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Viking Village

A very simple and lightweight resource collecting and battle-simulator game. You create your village and prepare to defend it from your enemies. The battle mode is well developed.


  • It’s a cross-genre game;
  • Simple interface;
  • Many automatically generated islands for battle.

viking village screen


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Realm Grinder

It is an RPG game, a good strategy, which nevertheless will require your management skills.


  • Many resources and items to deal with;
  • Many upgrades to your realm;
  • Deep strategy: each your deed has consequences.

realm gringer screen

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The Trail

This game is different from the others listed: you don’t need to build anything (at least, in the beginning). You should go for a journey, and to succeed, you should know how to manage food, water, crafts and other resources you have.

Advantages of the Trial:

  • An interesting setting, to my mind, this game is one of a kind;
  • Beautiful landscapes and design as a whole;
  • The game is very simple and relaxing.

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Hades’ Star

This game is a space-strategy game. Many players have colonies and may interact with each other. Build your own colony and use the resources given to make it prosperous.


  • Good opportunities for communication with other players: from space diplomacy to war;
  • Random resources in your star system;
  • Breathtaking space design.

If you are a space fan, you should definitely try it.

So, these games will help you spend your time with pleasure. Manage resources well and happy life to your game characters!