11 Best space strategy games for Android & iOS

The theme of space fascinates players with its unknownness and immensity.

The genre of space strategies has differences from other strategies. The first difference is the time of the game. Everything happens in the distant future. Space flights have become ordinary life.

In the space games, you will not meet knights, fairy-tale characters or tank divisions. Instead, only starships, various lasers and space stations. The second difference is the scale of the action. Everything in such games opens up completely new possibilities for the player.

Space strategies also have much in common with familiar strategies. In space strategies, activities are also divided into economic, political and military spheres. In most modern games the player gets a backward planet. It must be developed by building mines, factories, and research laboratories.

With the development of the game, the user begins to own the new technologies and the combat space fleet. It also becomes possible to capture other planets. Also, the player must enter into alliances with other planets. Military activities are the battles of fleets and groups of players among themselves.

Space strategies enjoyed great attention among many players. Many games became legendary thanks to their plot and gameplay.

This list contains the most interesting and exciting space strategies.

Nova Storm: Stellar Empires

Nova Storm: Stellar Empires is a space strategy, where you will discover “thousands of planets”. These planets are located in generated star systems. At your disposal will get one of the “many unique races.”

This game is a curious strategic mix in which there is a global space map with various resources. Ground battles are also available with the destruction of enemy bases.

In the story missions are available only limited pieces of space. Also in the game, there is also a free game mode, which allows you to control the fate of the galaxy in your own way.

It is really interesting to play Nova Storm: Stellar Empires because each war is different from the previous one. It includes different pace, the nature of the game, and other trifles.

There are many unique races. In a convenient and versatile editor, you can also create new ones. The graphics are very nice. The technology tree is made in a very non-standard way. To travel around the galaxy, you can choose from three unique travel options.

The first thing to pay close attention to is the local technological tree. Here you get three branches of science. It will help you to simultaneously explore one technology at a time from the three proposed. Each time, completing the research, you can again choose one of the three technologies.

As you explore space, you may encounter a lot of underdeveloped civilizations.

Deal with the game is easy. At first, the game seems very congested. But, this impression is deceptive. Most things are very simple. Only a few questions have to be approached more seriously.

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Galaxy Wars: Empire

In the game Galaxy Wars: Empire you have to save the human base from someone else’s attack. Develop your base, upgrade your buildings and scientific technology. You can also rob other players’ resources and collect resources found in space.

Join the Alliance for protection, help, and participation in mass battles. Complete quests to earn items and rewards. Battle circumstances can change, so items will be useful for your survival.

The start of the game is very interesting. In your arsenal will be a reconnaissance ship, a builder and a combat squad. Here you have to learn the technology, go on exploration, send an engineer to build stations.

Found an anomaly? Great, start learning, and get some useful technology. Destroy the enemy fleet? Explore the wreckage and gain acceleration for many studies. Found a civilization that is not a galactic empire? Put a station in orbit around the planet to study and conduct observations.

You can expand the empire in three ways: the colonization of the planets, the construction of outposts and the seizure of neighboring empires. The easiest option is to build outposts. But, this allows you to expand the boundaries of the empire to any system with a large number of resources.

Another way is the colonization of the planets. For the full expansion requires an impressive amount of technology. You can colonize only certain types of planets.

Capturing planets and sectors allows you to expand your territory. It leads to inevitable contact with other civilizations.

In battles, much depends on the technology obtained. You will be helped by heavy ships and shields. You can upgrade your ships. Reactors, hull, guns and more are available for this.

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INTERPLANET is an exciting space strategy. Players from all over the world will become your opponents in the war for outer space.

This game offers you a huge galaxy to conquer and many ways to achieve your goal. Here you can explore various technologies and new territories.

Before you go to conquer and conquer new lands, you can choose:

  • level of difficulty
  • size and age of the galaxy
  • number of rivals
  • conditions for achieving victory
  • game speed.

Particular attention should be approached to the choice of the race for which you are going to play. If it does not suit you from the races presented, then you can create your own. To do this, the game has a large selection of different parameters.

Game features:

  • SEARCH FOR ALLIES. Create a powerful alliance and capture the entire star systems.
  • DEVELOP A STRATEGY. Carefully consider actions, before striking the enemy a decisive blow.
  • CREATE YOUR FLEET. Choose for your ships weapons and armor, the most effective against enemy forces.
  • HIRE ADMIRALS. Hire experienced admirals who will want to join your empire and lead your ships to victory.
  • BUILD. Build your space station and equip it to take advantage.
  • GREAT GRAPHICS. Space strategies have never looked so luxurious. Enjoy the space expanses in HD mode.
  • MUSIC. High-quality music will allow you to more deeply feel the atmosphere of distant space.
  • GAME IN REAL TIME. Watch as other players move around the galaxy.

The game is free for both Android and iOS platforms though it has in-app purchases.

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Hades’ Star

Hades’ Star is an excellent space strategy in which you can conquer new planets and develop them.

The game modes are diverse. Space exploration is divided into four separate branches. Here you can develop military technology. Also, you have to travel to different planets and their colonization.

At the beginning of the game, you have to learn brief instructions. This will help you understand all the subtleties and become the best player.

In the developed solar systems you need to build various useful buildings. To lead fleets into battle and to manage the affairs on the planets should your characters.

During the game, they get new skills and become irreplaceable. You can fight, trade, exchange technologies and enter into alliances with other civilizations. With the help of satellites, you can spy on your rivals.

To protect the lines you need to create ships. Each ship has a dashboard that allows for increased armor. Before the battle, you can adjust the sequence of targets and shooting angles. Between the ships do not have to constantly switch.

When you select the entire fleet, functions of all ships appear in the dashboard at once. The game has a lot of elements that make the gameplay more convenient. This is very important in space strategies.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that you never know what to expect from the enemy. All ships here are created manually in a special editor. With the necessary technology, you can create your own sweet. There you can store various types of weapons or assistive devices.

The game has an excellent interface that practically does not crash. The game will appeal to beginners and experienced players. Each of your playings will be unique because of the many settings and features.

Most importantly, the game Hades’ Star is quite exciting.

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Galaxy Reavers-Space RTS

Galaxy Reavers-Space RTS is a unique and exciting multiplayer real-time strategy game. The cosmic age has arrived. Humanity began to create new planets in space. Become the leader of the planet and lead your power to victory.

Here you can:

  • take part in epic galactic battles with thousands of players from around the world
  • fight enemies
  • build your space base
  • create invulnerable star fleet
  • conquer new planets
  • bring your tactical skills to a new level

The game is constantly changing and puts players in new conditions. Should you use powerful guns now or leave for later? Does it make sense to ram an enemy when your ship is already burning? Such gameplay situations are full of dynamics. On the screen, there is something that requires attention but does not tire.

Join the fight with friends and allies in a massive online battle. Conquer new territories. Consider building ships of the enemy. Develop strategies of attack, defense, and counterattack.

Make strategic decisions and select the right characteristics of the ships. Thus, they supplement each other favorably.

Immeasurable space map and countless planets. Each planet is important for the development of the camp. Conquer and defend them from enemy attacks. Expand the boundaries of your camp. Do not stop there.

Fight along with thousands of camp allies in galactic battles. Show your strength in battles. Prove that you are the greatest warlord and conqueror in the multiplayer strategy.

Cooperation and unity is the foundation on which the camp rests. Chat with thousands of allies around the world. Only with them can you come to victory.

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AQ First Contact

AQ First Contact is a space combat strategy in which you can fight with thousands of players. When you get into this fantasy world, you will become the leader of a galactic power struggle team. It will not be easy.

You will have to mobilize all forces to repel the blows of the enemies, eager for your destruction. Remember, you are threatened by space pirates, enemy ships and unexplored objects. Thus, you have no margin for error.

Build your space base and create your Star Fleet. Start conquering the galaxy with your friends. Manage your fleet and capture the entire cosmos.

Game features:

  • SIMPLE DESIGN. In the game, everything is easy to understand and control.
  • VARIETY OF SENSATIONS. The game has high-level graphics and excellent background music.
  • REALISTIC BATTLES. Create your military base, develop your army and collect a powerful galactic fleet. Conquer the planet and collect resources to build up its power. It will help you to defeat an increasing number of enemies.
  • CREATE ALLIANCES. You can create your own alliance or join an existing one. Close cooperation will be beneficial to everyone.
  • GLOBAL SERVER. Players from all over the world can become your friends or opponents.
  • MANY GAME ITEMS. In the game, you can choose a variety of ships and objects. Their combinations will allow you to create different tactics. Apply your skills to achieve victory.
  • MANY GAMEPLAY STYLES. The game uses various types of battles, such as wars of alliances or alien invasions.
  • SHARE WITH FRIENDS. The game has a real-time chat function that allows you to find friends and share the news with them. You can enter the game through your Facebook account. Invite Facebook friends to the game and share your successes with them.
  • MASTER YOUR SPACE STRATEGY. How do you prepare your space fleet for battle? Develop new space technologies and improve your strategy. Find the best way to strike the enemy.


Download the game on any device and enjoy using it for free.

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Celestial Fleet

Celestial Fleet is a life simulation game where players fight on an alien planet.

Improve your buildings, unlock and explore technology, train troops and collect resources. The more you develop your base, the more opportunities you have in exploring the planet!

Game features:

  • Fight, chat and interact with players from around the world. The game has the ability to instantly transfer.
  • A strategy with great potential and exciting challenges. Create your own base, train a high-tech army and conquer the planets.
  • Strong alliances. Join or create your own alliance. Fight with people from all over the world. Lead your teams. Fight against enemies and rob the fallen!
  • An exciting battle system between players. Do you like the battle for an alliance, for control of the planet or for yourself? Choose your path.
  • Use futuristic weapons. You can choose laser guns, energy weapons, robots, and even ancient technologies.

The game has a unique ability to customize ships. You can change the appearance of the ship, make some improvements or add extra features.

The confrontation between the planets looks and sounds perfect. Epic explosions go with any clarification of relations in this strategy about space. Also, you can use a system of ship upgrades and enjoy spectacular cosmic landscapes.

This game will appeal to experienced players. However, beginners who want to try something new can play this game too.

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ASTROKINGS is a large-scale real-time strategy. Here you get directly to the center of events. You have to manage the forces of your fleet, fighting with hostile races.

The developers of ASTROKINGS made the game as convenient as possible. An incredible number of players are registered in this game. Here you can create your own alliances and lead them. You have to capture space bases and develop them.

Here you will be constantly threatened by powerful enemies. You will need to find and colonize new planets, build military bases and spacecraft.

You have to create life on a new planet. Also, you have to develop your fleet and defense, as well as get useful resources.

Each space battle has its own unique and unique result. This is facilitated by the diversity in the characteristics and parameters of wars.

  • single and multiplayer battles in the Galaxy
  • beautiful and user-friendly interface that will give you an amazing experience
  • a balance between warships and planetary defense
  • gather a fleet of 100 unique ships with their unique fighting style
  • control your ships using hundreds of different strategies, special skills, and abilities
  • protection of weak players
  • get experience in the arena, fight with other players in weekly tournaments
  • many completely different races
  • improve your fleet with many features
  • research of new technologies
  • go through hundreds of tasks, paving your way through the entire fascinating storyline

All this will help you to create your own space empire.

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Over Space: Alliance Wars

Resource strategy, tactics, and management are at the heart of the Over Space: Alliance Wars gameplay. You can equip any ship with a mass of various weapons. Endless random events will make each game unique.

Enemy units have strong artificial intelligence that will give you a real challenge. Thoughtful gameplay and an excellent strategy will give you wonderful game experience.

Key features of the game:

  • An intense and thrilling adventure in space
  • Explore a galaxy that is full of mysterious places and dangerous enemies
  • Perform tasks, discover new technologies and help your planet survive
  • Lots of ships and weapons that can be used and improved
  • Conduct combat and mining operations in various worlds
  • Install weapons and equipment on your ships
  • Capture enemy ships and build their copies
  • Enjoy superb graphics and effects.
  • Play on any platform

This game is full of adventures and elements of science fiction. All you need is to take control of the spacecraft.

You will create your own planet in the universe, where at every step you can expect another enemy. You have to protect your planet from attacks. You can also attack other planets yourself to get the necessary resources.

Discover new technologies and enjoy an interesting storyline. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of adventure. This will lead you into the depths of space and provide an opportunity to save the dying planet.

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Star Conflict Heroes

The main goal of the game Star Conflict Heroes is to expand its influence and control of the galaxy. The player can win by choosing the path that suits him. You will have the opportunity to make a military invasion or to unite all races into an alliance.

Also, you can develop trade relations or build up technological power.

The plot is based on the opposition of eight civilizations. Every civilization seeks to rise above the rest. You will have to lead one of the nations to victory.

The faction has the ability to search for expensive artifacts. It will help you to occupy a leading position in the field of trade. You can defeat the enemy with the help of new technologies.

Battles in the game Star Conflict Heroes have no limits. Here there can be both small skirmishes of two ships, and whole battles between units. Create your own Empire, equip your space territory, build stations and improve them.

Make the galaxy live by your rules. Achieve power and greatness in space

Complete various missions and save your ships from the attacks of hostile factions.

Which way you will lead your faction to victory, you decide. Improve your military, trade, diplomatic or scientific sphere. Then, take your place next to the leaders.

Any action performed by the player may influence the further development of the plot of the game. Find new comrades among the aliens who will be able to help in the war with stronger opponents.

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The space strategy Armage will allow you to explore the open spaces of space and colonize new planets. There you will be able to mine resources and expand your empire.

Your influence will increase as you explore new technologies. The game also has the ability to create heroes.

You can capture new planets and territories with the help of wars. In each mission, you will be given a certain number of ships. These ships will have smaller fighters and bombers.

You can change and improve your ships. As you progress through the game, the crew abilities of the ships improve.

In addition to the epic and open battles with the enemy, there are sabotage missions. In the course of these missions, you will conduct espionage or intelligence. You will be given several ships.

It is not necessary to fight if you do not want this. You can explore the cosmic expanses, become a trader. However, remember that hostile ships can still attack and attack at any time. If you do not want to fall into the trap, then become deft, invisible and invulnerable.

You can also fly through space and fulfill the mission. Or arm yourself with the best weapons and join one of the fleets for a large-scale battle.

One of the main advantages is the story that tells about the adventure in the search for a habitable planet. The atmosphere of mysticism is connected with the disclosure of ancient secrets.

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