9 Best split pic apps for Android & iOS

If you are using social networks, you probably have seen such pictures, in which several photos with one person appear, as it were, stuck together in short intervals of time. Such pictures are somewhat similar to comics, but at the same time, they are quite original. How can you create such photos? Today, let’s talk about applications with which you can make split pictures.


Diptic – the application will help you to merge several photos into one. Create your own collages from several photos online using the camera or select from those available on your device.

Diptic includes many layouts for collages and a lot of tools for editing them. Although there are a lot of options for combining photos, the application allows you to edit them further and create your own layouts. You can add effects, textures, frames, or text to your photos, as well as editing tools (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.). On the videos, you can overlay audio from the application collection or your own library, as well as adjust the beginning and end of the video.


  • 19 different patterns;
  • take photos from the camera or choose from the Gallery of your device;
  • share your images by mail or upload them to your favorite social networks: Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumblr, etc.;
  • rotate, mirror or resize photos;
  • adjust the brightness, contrast and color depth for each picture;
  • adjust the color and width of the frame.

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The Moldiv application allows you to create split pictures, to combine and edit several photos on one canvas, layered images, create collages and professionally modify the resulting photos, apply effects and decorative elements. The application uses an innovative system for creating collages – users can select a frame and photos, and the system will select the position, size, and color of the border, depending on the overall tone, size, and saturation of the added images! The function of creating thematic collages, color, and effect correction, changing labels and stickers, export and import photos to social networks also works.

Moldiv Features:

  • allows you to create stylish collages;
  • combine up to 9 photos in one frame;
  • 100 extremely stylish magazine layouts for custom photo editing;
  • makes it possible to add frames to photos;
  • zoom, pan, rotate or flip photos;
  • apply one of the 50 photo effects to individual photos such as adjust the transparency, zoom, and others;
  • includes a graphics editor with all the necessary functions;
  • 41 color and 80 patterns for the background frame;
  • rounding the corners of photos;
  • change the width of the borders;
  • export with the maximum resolution that your device allows;
  • allows you to combine built-in filters and effects;
  • more than 100 fonts, 99 colors, and patterns, color palette, 14 styles, 34 stickers;
  • finished photos can be exported to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Kakaotalk, Line, etc .;
  • offers a large selection of free templates and frames.

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The PicPlayPost application is probably one of the best split pic making apps: a huge selection of templates. There is a collection of frames with which you can decorate ordinary photos.

In total, PicPlayPost can be found thirty-six different templates. You can create a collage of two photos (the minimum number), and six (maximum number). Selecting the desired template, you will enter edit mode. Here you just need to click on the part of the template into which you want to insert a photo and select it from your gallery. Of course, there is no need to leave empty space on the template.

After you insert a photo in a certain place, it can be processed. The most trivial processing option is to resize a photo up or down. In addition, it can be expanded or mirrored. And, of course, not without the possibility of using filters.

By the way, one more pleasant moment: you can always change the borders inside the template to your liking. Thus, out of thirty-six standard templates, you can create an infinite number of unique templates. Moreover, you can change the thickness of the lines and their color.

PicPlayPost allows you to create collages not only using photos but also using video. As with photos, you can use up to six videos in one collage. And the length of one video can be as much as ten minutes.

After the collage is ready, you can export it from PicPlayPost directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. In addition, you can send a collage using e-mail or SMS. And if all this is not necessary, simply save the collage to the gallery on your iOS device.

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Fuzel Collage

The Fuzel Collage app is a simple and fun way to create masterpieces from ordinary photos that you should share.

Fuzel Collage does not limit the user in the number of photos that can be added to the collage. Only the creator of a photo collage will decide whether to add one or a hundred photos. Pictures can be selected from the memory of your own mobile device, exported from Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr or made directly from the application. Your photos can be viewed in the background of hundreds of various beautiful templates that are created automatically. Also in the application animated collages appeared, these templates are created in the style of “Animation”.

In Fuzel Collage, hundreds of additional decorations for collages are presented. The user can experiment with personal photos in a variety of ways – add stickers, photo effects, patterns, frames, and tags. In addition, developers weekly add new packages with decorations, available for download free of charge.

The application has excellent and simple integration with various social networks (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter), through which you can share your personal photos from masterpieces. When performing weekly tasks that are available in Fuzel Collage, the user gets free credits and can improve their own photo-collages.

Fuzel Collage is a very convenient image editor, which has one major drawback in the form of a paid content distribution system, which is also relatively expensive. For the full use of the application, you need to create an account and often complete tasks for the local currency or pay stickers, frames and other funds with real money.

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PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker and Pic Editor is not just a photo editor, but a professional tool with many features and a convenient user interface.

A huge number of stickers, visual effects, custom pictures, drawing tools, collage templates and more. With this functionality, you can turn ordinary photos into real masterpieces.

The application features thousands of amazing features – everything you need to create perfect photos. Here you will find tools for creating split pic, cutting out image fragments and whole shapes, stretching, cropping, cloning, overlaying and editing text, functions for working with curves and much more. Also in the application is a library with popular filters for photos, including different frames, wallpapers, callouts, HDR. Each tool in the application has its own settings brushes.

The application makes it easy to create a double exposure – just superimpose images on top of each other. Well, complement the picture with different layers of custom transparency. Here you can even create your own memes just by adding text to funny photos and pictures (for more convenience, you can always use an open source with photos of other users).

The Scissors tool will expand the built-in functions and allow you to create your own stickers to share them with friends. The application brings together a huge community of users who have already managed to create millions of unique stickers, clipart, and memes – all this is in the public domain.

Create collages with many ready-made templates, add different effects, frames, text, customize the background to them – all this will allow you to create both a unique designer collage and comic memes. The most interesting feature of the application is your own chat, allowing you to chat with friends, quickly share the results of your work with one person or group, discuss and comment on photos, create joint remixes and much more.

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Pic Jointer for Photo Collage

This application can safely be called the fastest tool for creating split pic collages. Moreover, it can also be used for a number of other purposes, for example, illustrations for digests, posts on social networks and blog articles.

Working with the application is very simple. The next step after launching is to select a collage template, from 16 pieces to choose from. Then, in each of the sections, add the picture you need. You can save it and share with your friends, or try playing with the settings: you can change the size of the collage itself, its individual sections, and even use effects and textures, though this applies only to the premium version:

Overall, Pic Jointer is easy and at the same time useful. If you regularly need to create this kind of illustrations, this application will definitely come in handy.

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Split Pic Collage Maker

Split Pic is an application that allows you to create popular now divided photos that look very stylish and are very popular.

Working with Split Pic is extremely simple – first you need to select the appropriate template for a future project, then take pictures in the company’s device’s camera application, or download the ones you made earlier. After you put all the photos in the right places, you can add signatures and decorative elements to the project. In addition, Split Pic allows you to make a simple collage of photos and insert one person in different poses on one background, thus, as if cloning it. In order to make the pictures even more original, you can apply built-in filters to them. In general, Split Pic is an application that helps to create very unusual and original images.

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Pic Collage – Collage Maker

PicCollage – a cool collage maker with a number of interesting features, including the ability to edit your photo making a cool split pic, apply various effects, remove blurriness, and other operations. With this application you can create any collages, you can also use a huge selection of pictures and other additional elements. Use a variety of templates, stickers, frames, ornaments.

All you need is photos from the gallery of your mobile phone or photos you just created. Using the application is very simple, start PicCollage, select a photo and in one click import into the collage maker.

PicCollage features:

  • import photos from mobile gallery, Instagram, Facebook, as well as web image search;
  • simple gestures for rotation, resizing;
  • many backgrounds and stickers to choose from;
  • choose templates for creating thematic collages;
  • share your creations on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter;
  • undo/redo steps while editing;
  • adding text;
  • bright design of the program;
  • print collages by connecting an AirPrint printer at home;
  • a wide range of features combined with ease of use.

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Collage Maker, Mixgram Editor

Great photo collages make it easy and simple if you have Mixgram. Choose one of the unique templates and your photos, and we will do the rest. Turn the most beautiful moments of your life into works of art and show them to your friends.

You can edit photos by adding filters, effects, text, background, borders, and more. Stylish filters, effects, and borders – move them, rotate and resize them, making photos perfect.


  • 1000+ gorgeous unusual collage;
  • add a word/statement to your photo using unique fonts;
  • a wide selection of art filters and their instant application;
  • amazing vintage textures;
  • stylish frames, backgrounds, and fonts for all occasions;
  • ability to crop photos in 20 ways;
  • ability to resize, flip and move photos;
  • change the position of photos on the collage by dragging;
  • instant placement in your favorite social. networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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