15 Best step counter apps for Android & iOS

If you are a fitness fan and like to exercise, run or walk, then you’ve definitely been thinking about using a step counter. Studies show that those who track their steps are likely to engage in constant physical activity. Here is a list of free, best and user-friendly apps for Android and iOS which will count steps, calories, and distance while you work out.

Leap Step Counter – Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter

This app is one of the most accurate and informative apps, which will be irreplaceable for fitness lovers and those who pay attention to their bodies and health. Leap Fitness Step Counter is one of the best user-friendly apps that can do a great job simplifying the process of counting your steps. The application has a built-in steps sensor which doesn’t use GPS. Thus it doesn’t consume your battery power. It also monitors walking distance, time and calories burned as the most important for women indicators. The design of the app consists of instructive demonstrative statistic graphs. You can also set a goal in advance for a day or a week and the app will create a report for you with visual progress.

 step counter   step counter

This step counter gives you a possibility to make use of all its features for 100% free of charge excluding the small fee to get rid of advertisements on your screen.

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Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking

Google Fit is an absolutely free program without in-app purchases or advertisements. It is kind of basic app which will be good for beginners. Google Fit will count your steps, calories, and miles during different types of workouts. It`s a health-oriented application collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to create two activity goals called: Move Minutes and Heart Points. Move minutes are created to motivate you for more activities throughout a day for the sake of your health. It will be much better to go to work cycling than taking a taxi. Heart points are given for different kind of movements. You will get one Heart Point for one minute walking down the street and double point for running.

gogle fit gogle fit gogle fit

The app also syncs well with all Wear OS smartwatches and all the activities are detected and recorded to Google Fit account from any device you use.

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Pedometer is a free elementary step, calories and distance counter without extra unnecessary features for those who like simplicity. Press the start button and watch your progress during a workout. All information is shown on the main screen. If you need to check your weekly and monthly statistics you can press on the headings in the upper part of the screen or swipe to the left. The most important step is to add your correct personal data including age, gender, weight, and step length accurately. This way the app will count and display the correct number of steps.

pedometer pedometer

There are a good variety of themes with different color displays, which won’t let you get bored from the interface of the app. The application will count your steps even when it’s locked, though the developers are warning that some devices may stop recording. This depends on the smartphone specifications and it’s not related to the app itself.

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The very modern and well-equipped application Runkeeper is very popular with many people all over the world. Some of the users say that the app motivates them to workout and not to get back to the couch for many years. The result is an improved health condition and thus a positive outlook on life.

The app uses GPS tracking while you run, walk, jog or do any other activity. While it will consume your battery, it will count your steps very accurately. You can track your workout, set goals, create your own plan matching your daily busy schedule with app reminders.

Runkeeper  Runkeeper

Other free features include:

– With the support of GPS, you can discover new routes an save them.

– Bluetooth connectivity will let you sync Android Wear, Garmin and Pebble watch.

-The app has a voice cue feature to relay the time, distance or place

– Connection with partner apps will let you listen to music while you are on track or integrate with other health apps like MyFitnessPal.

The app even lets you invite friends and create a custom challenge to monitor each other`s progress with the ability to share your activities with friends on Social Media.

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Runtastic Steps

Runtastic Steps is another great pedometer created for Android devices. The free version of this app has all the necessary features. Download this program on your phone and monitor your daily steps, calories burned and time spent on activity whether you running or just having an evening walk before bedtime. The application will create statistics to let you be aware of your progress daily, weekly and monthly what will give you a chance to set your step goals on the next time period.

runtastic runtastic1 runtastic2

You can integrate your activities with Google Fit or any other step counters. The training plans are the premium features, which can be unlocked by purchasing a membership. The price is quite reasonable and if you need you can get a subscription.

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This app has one distinctive feature called an Intelligent 3D motion algorithm. Simply, its monitoring and recording steps, distance, minutes and calories only when you walk. It omits non-walking activities. So, if you suddenly decided to sit on the bench the counter will stop recording. The app has all standard features a counter must hold. Graphs with daily, weekly and even annual statistic reports, track steps, burning calories counter. The app uses GPS but it shouldn’t make you worry. Power usage mode options will help to save battery power.

acupedo1 acupedo

You can share your achievements with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. It also has a database backup function. Save your data and logs on the phone memory or Google Drive.

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Another step counter which is considered as the most powerful and is an extremely popular app. Step counting is but one of many features. The app will help you to count calories in your meal and food. You can scan the barcode and carbs, fats, and proteins will be calculated. We can’t neglect the importance of being well hydrated. So don’t forget about the amount of water you drinking daily. Log cups, ounces or ml in the app and it will be monitored. You can customize your diary creating your own meals, logging breakfast, lunch and etc.

My fitness Pal

Note, that some features can be available only in the premium version.

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Very helpful free app with an educational feature. The special fitness plan and video instructions for different exercises will help you to burn calories and lose weight. Download Pacer and it will count your steps automatically without any additional wristband or tracker hardware. The step counter will detect your motions whether your phone is in your hand or backpack. Set your goals and watch them daily. Be up-to-date with technology and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Pacer2 Pacer1 Pacer

One extra plus: the app will track your blood pressure along with activity and weight. It also will suggest you different routes and their popularity among other fitness lovers and app users. The interface is simple and clear so you will not find it confusing.

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Stepz is a nice and simple pedometer for iPhone which calculates your steps automatically. It uses no GPS but collects your motions data saving your battery power. The app was specifically created for iPhone and Apple watch and it counts a distance and calories as well. Graphs collect daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data so you will always know how you had been working out a year ago. Developers claim that they checking bugs and constantly improving the app.

Stepz.1 Stepz

In general, there are positive reviews on this app.

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EasyFit Step Counter

EasyFit Step Counter has a very good rating and a huge number of downloads. Designers thoroughly have worked on the app creating 26 different themes with the original design. It has a lot of motivational badges to be proud of yourself. For instance, you will be asked to walk 20000 steps to unlock one of the badges. Isn’t it very challenging?

Easy fit Easy fit3

Definitely, the app will count your steps as it’s our first aim. But also it will ask you to monitor your daily water consumption. Users say that the app is very accurate despite not used GPS. It’s simple enough app for those who don’t need extra features.

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StepsApp Pedometer

StepsApp Pedometer is simple, easy to use, free step counter for both iOS and Android users. It has everything you expect from the pedometer. Automatically counted steps and chats with monthly statistics. There is a calendar where you can see what you achieved last Monday.  And it also supports 20 different languages. The design of the app is the classic black with 6 different colors and highlighted text.

stepsapp stepsapp1

It also can sync with the smartwatch. Walk, run, achieve, lead a healthy life and share it with your friends directly from the StepsApp.

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One of the most uncluttered apps for iPhone. It has a simple and humble design and features. If you need something simple and light Steps app will suit you. It will count your steps, calories, times and miles and enough for a good pedometer. No need to press the start button. Just launch the application and it will start to count.

StepsiOS StepsiOS1

It can integrate with Apple Health and will collect data from Apple Watch.

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Another app which will not only count your daily steps but also will prepare for your training plans. In addition, it is equipped with a Sleep Tracker, which will examine your sleeping habits and wake you up at your lightest stage of sleep. The app will accurately count your calories.

argus argus1

There are also a barcode scanner, a huge food database, different diet programs, and even heart rate measure feature. Furthermore, there is a blog with a lot of learning tips to improve nutrition, weight, and health.

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If you feel bored from ordinary fitness step counters this app is perfect for you. Walkr is a gamified app for those who like to play simple amusing games on your device to kill some time. Installing this app you will have a pedometer to count your daily steps and space exploring game. The app automatically recording your daily steps and converting it to fuel for your spacecraft. It monitors and records the number of burnt calories and gives recommendations for daily goals. The app uses GPS and can consume battery power.

Walkr Walkr1

The funny part of the application is a chance to explore the space and create your own universe with unique planets, space foods, do missions and invite friends to play together.

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It’s not a simple step counter. It’s a huge collection of features. Track your activities: record your steps and distance, calories burned and time spent. The app is equipped with voice cues and you also can control your music through it. Log calories with the help of the barcode scanner and water intake to see if you are properly hydrated throughout a day. Monitor how much you are sleeping or spent awake.

MiFit1 MiFit2

Connect with friends and share your fitness data, compete with them through the app. Create your goals and move toward them, check the result through easy-to-read charts and graphs.

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